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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
10-Jul-2017Agrobacterium mediated gene transfer in cotton for insect resistanceBandyopadhyay, NandiniSen, S K
26-Jul-2017Agrobacterium mediated gene transfer in cultivated indica rice for improvement of productivityMukherjee, RajeswariSen, S K
10-Jul-2017Analysis of plant mitochondrial genomes of cytoplasmic male sterile lines of riceChaudhuri, Papiya RaySen, S K
21-Jun-2017Androgenic plant production in brassica SPP to evolve genetic recombinantsLeelavathi, SadhuSen, S K
21-Jun-2017Cell biological aspects of sporulation in saccharomyces cerevisiae calendar of meiotic developmental events relevant to genetic crossingoverDas, SampaSen, S K
19-Jun-2017Development of species specific nuclear DNA markers in cultivated jute speciesMajumdar, SamiSen, S K
21-Jun-2017Development of transgenic chikpea plant expressing a reconstructed a reconstructed bacillus thuringiensis entomocidal endotoxin geneN A, RamakrishnanSen, S K
24-Jul-2017Development of transgenic cotton plant expressing bacillus thuringiensis endotoxin geneRay, KrishnaSen, S K
21-Jun-2017DNA hybridization and evolutionary relationships among some species of the genus oryzaIyengar, Ganjam Ananta SayanamSen, S K
26-Jul-2017Electro mechanical transients in electrical machinesDasgupta, DiptenSen, S K
20-Jun-2017Generation of transgenic cotton lines for Indian agricultureGhosh, Arnab KumarSen, S K
21-Jun-2017Genetic control of melosis in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiaeJasani, NaliniSen, S K
2-Aug-2018Genetic manipulation studies in oil yielding Brassica speciesSikdar, Samir RanjanSen, S K
10-Jul-2017Genetic studies in cultivated juteGhosh, MaloySen, S K
21-Jun-2017Genetic transformation studies in chickpea cicer arietinum LKar, SanchayitaSen, S K
10-Jul-2017Genetical analysis of rol genes of agrobacterium rhizogenes through transposon mutagenesisGangopadhyay, ChaitaliSen, S K
20-Jun-2017Introgression of desirable attributes contained in widely related crucifers into brassica juncea through protoplast fusionBegum, FerdosiSen, S K
21-Jun-2017Isolation and characterisation of yeast mutants in relation to melosis and or recombinationShah, MinalSen, S K
21-Jun-2017Isolation and characterization of trypsin inhibitor gene from cowpea vigna unguiculata for its ultimate use in controlling insect attack on plantsBandyopadhyay, DurbaSen, S K
16-Jun-2017Isolation and cloning of entomocidal crystal protein gene from Bacillus thuringiensis var berliner and its transfer to plantRishi, A SSen, S K