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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
15-Jan-2018Antifertility action of an indigenous plant on miceKundu, DibyansuSarkar, A K
31-Jul-2018Carpological studies in compositeChaudhuri, SamaresSarkar, A K
26-Jul-2017Cytological assesment of certain angiosperm with a view to ascertain their affinities phylogenetic relationship and evolutionDas, Saibal KumarSarkar, A K
21-Jun-2017Decision oriented accounting model for an organisation having open system characterisationsRoy, Malay KantiSarkar, A K
21-Jun-2017Effects on micronutrients on growth and yield of major field crops grown in the gangetic delta regionChakraborty, SahadebSarkar, A K
3-Aug-2018Flora of Palamau District BiharSarma, Tarun KumarSarkar, A K
2-May-2019Reactions to frustration in school children Volume 2Biswas, Pares ChandraSarkar, A K
2-May-2019Reactions to frustration in school children Volume 2Biswas, Pares ChandraSarkar, A K
31-Jul-2018Revision of Indian dipterocarpaceaeTewary, Prakash kumarSarkar, A K
20-Aug-2018Studies on deoxyribonucleic acids buffer soluble seed proteins and free proteinogenic amino acids VIS a VIS the angiosperms and their taxonomyBiswas, Samya BrataSarkar, A K
31-Jul-2018Studies on some tribe phaseoleae family leguminosaeDutta, Sudhir KumarSarkar, A K
21-Jun-2017Studies on the agronomic effectiveness of micronutrients in crop production in lateritic uplands of West BengalPradhan, Anil ChandraSarkar, A K
21-Jun-2017Studies on the effect of post flowering application of various solutes on maturity grain filling and seed quality of cerealsDas, SubarnabimalSarkar, A K
31-Jul-2018Studies on the tribe phaseoleae family leguminosaeDatta, Sudhir KumarSarkar, A K
1-Aug-2018Studies on the varietal differences of some cultivated riceChaudhuri, SibaraniSarkar, A K
2-Aug-2018Taxonomic studies of the family acanthaceae from BangladeshBegum, MomtazSarkar, A K
31-Jul-2018Taxonomical studies on some cyperaceae of West BengalSaha, BananiSarkar, A K