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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
17-Oct-2018A study on financial and operating performance of private life insurers in indiaSaravanan MEswaran R
26-Aug-2019A study on stability of functional equations defined in various normed spaces using direct and fixed point methodsSaravanan MMurthy S
13-Sep-2019An investigation on indirect matrix converters using space vector modulationSaravanan MSivakumarant S
27-Feb-2014Certain investigations on energy conservation in AC and DC motor drivesPrince winston DSaravanan M
15-Oct-2020Characterization and optimization of maraging steel using laser welding processKarthikeyan RSaravanan M
25-Feb-2021Design and analysis of polarization reconfigurable antenna for wireless communicationsSaravanan MM J S Rangachar
14-Oct-2019Design and development of neuro fuzzy methods to monitor supply chain disruption in manufacturing industriesRalph Leeben JSaravanan M
14-Jul-2021Experimental and numerical prediction of spring back of homogenous sheet metalsKathirvel CSaravanan M
3-Mar-2020Experimental investigation of friction stir blind riveting process for non ferrous sheet metal alloysBothiraj TSaravanan M
1-Apr-2019Explorations on the Growth and Characterization of Technologically Imperative Materials for Probable Nonlinear Optical ApplicationsSaravanan MAbraham Rajasekar S
19-Aug-2019Investigation of mechanical characteristics and abrasive water jet cutting of AA2024 B4C TiC hybrid metal matrix compositeGanesan PSaravanan M
28-Oct-2020Metaheuristics for optimizing tool path in cnc machining operationsRaja Chinna Karuppanan BSaravanan M
22-Sep-2020Microstructural and tribological studies on surface modified austenitic stainless steel by sputtering laser and plasma techniquesSaravanan MVenkateshwaran N
16-Sep-2020Optimization of casting process parameters using taguchi method and various algorithmsManivannan JSaravanan M
10-Nov-2020Optimization of inventory vehicle routing and distribution center problems in a supply chain net work using meta heuristics algorithmsAnix Joel Singh JSaravanan M
19-Sep-2019Performance analysis of shell and tube heat exchanger under varying tube layouts baffle cut number of bafflesVetrivel Kumar KSaravanan M
28-Oct-2016Performance enhancement of PV based microgrid by exact modeling of PV moduleAbdul Kareem MSaravanan M
15-Oct-2014Scatter search algorithms for scheduling Of various manufacturing systemsSaravanan MNoorul haq A
20-Aug-2019Scheduling of various manufacturing systems using metaheuristic approachesPaulsingarayar SSaravanan M
20-Aug-2014A study on financial performance of the Velur co operative urben bank at Paramathi velur taluk in Namakkal districtSaravanan MKarthikeyan M