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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
27-Mar-2020A study of career choices self concept and social skills of adolescents in relation to maternal employmentRupinder KaurMeenakshi
5-Aug-2020Association Of Polymorphisms In DNA Repair Genes With DNA Damage In Pesticides Exposed Agricultural Workers Of PunjabKarashdeep KaurRupinder Kaur
1-Nov-2019Backward and forward linkages of manufacturing sector in India a computable general equilibrium analysisRupinder KaurArora, Nitin
4-Mar-2022CEOs Characteristics Corporate Financing and Corporate PerformanceRupinder KaurBalwinder Singh
9-Aug-2021Changing contours of article 21 of the Indian constitution with special reference to right to privacyRupinder KaurAhuja, Monika
19-Apr-2022Echoes from the east reconfigurations of myth and folklore in the selected works of Chitra Banerjee DivakaruniDhaliwal, Manpreet KaurRupinder Kaur
19-Sep-2019Ecological aspect of soil extracellular enzymatic activities and their role in soil carbon sequestration under contrasting habitatsRupinder KaurA.N. Singh and C. Nirmala
24-Jul-2017Ecological Status of River Ravi with Special Reference to Fish DiversityRupinder KaurDua, Anish K.
24-Jun-2021Effect of concept mapping on learning outcomes of secondary school students in relation to metacognition and learning stylesRupinder KaurArjinder Singh
13-May-2022Evaluation of arsenic removal potential of Azolla Microphylla KaulfussRupinder KaurAmarjeet Singh
14-Feb-2019Genetic polymorphism of dopamine receptor genes and nicotine dependence in smokers of north west Indian regionJasdeep KaurRupinder Kaur
14-Nov-2019Genetic polymorphism of selected candidate genes among alcoholic jat sikhs of PunjabDarshan KumarRupinder Kaur
6-Dec-2013Growth patterns and nutrition in preadolescent and adolescent Rajput females of Jaunsar Bawar and Dehradun, UttarakhandKharyal, ArchanaRupinder Kaur; Nath, Surinder
5-Jul-2016Guru Nanak Baani vich suhaj da sankalapRupinder KaurDhillon, Jaswinder Kaur
21-Aug-2014Heavy Metal Interactions in Brassica juncea L during PhytoremediationRupinder KaurThukral, A.K.
5-Jan-2022Herstory illuminated a study of selected historical fiction of Rafiq Zakaria and Indu SundaresanPrabhjot KaurRupinder Kaur
23-May-2019Herstory illuminated a study of selected historical fiction of Rafiq Zakaria and Indu SunderesanPrabhjot KaurRupinder Kaur
11-Apr-2022Interrogating power relations a study of Githa Hariharans fictionSodhi, ManpreetRupinder Kaur
21-Sep-2021Investigations of decay modes of nuclear systems within statistical and dynamical approachesRupinder KaurSandhu, B.S. and Birbikram Singh
15-Mar-2022Micellization and Binding Behavior of Surfactants in the Presence of Bioactive MoleculesRupinder KaurBanipal, Tarlok Singh