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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
21-Jun-2017Biochemical and molecular biological studies of cultured cells and tissues of some indica cultivars of oryza sativa during growth and differentiationMukhopadhyay, KunalRoy, S C
20-Jun-2017Biochemical studies in lipid and allied metabolism of human normal and malignant cervix uteriGupta, TriptiRoy, S C
21-Jun-2017Biochemistry of differentiation of the gonads in the human fetusesSen, RatnamalaRoy, S C
9-Jun-2017Biotechnological application on a medicinal plant and an investigation on methylation of DNA and other biochemical changes during morphogenesisBera, Tapan KumarRoy, S C
21-Jun-2017Cytological and biochemical aspects of cultured tissues during growth and regeneration and effect of mutagens on cabbage under in vitroChakraborty, SubhraRoy, S C
21-Jun-2017Effects of herbicides on plant chromosomes and their chemical constituents under in vitro and in vivo conditionsChand, SureshRoy, S C
19-Apr-2017Formation and cleavage of cyclopropane ring systems and related studiesPodder, Ranjan Kumar.Roy, S C
20-Jun-2017Interrelationship between protein and lipid biosynthesis in normal and malignant tissuesBasu, JayasriRoy, S C
20-Jun-2017Investigations on the development of proportional response photon counter and its application in the measurement of energy albedo of backscattered photonsMitra, SubhashRoy, S C
20-Jun-2017Lipids of cell organelles from normal malignant and fibrosarcoma tissuesBhattacharyya, MitaRoy, S C
20-Jun-2017Protein biosynthesis in plant mitochondria and allied systems a profile of its mechanismD E, Dilip KumarRoy, S C
20-Jun-2017Protein biosynthesis in plants mitochondriaChattopadhyay, Sunil KumarRoy, S C
20-Jun-2017Protein synthesis by cell organelles from germinating wheat triticum aestivum L effect of plant growth hormones abscisic acid and other inhibitors on the processMandal, SukheswarRoy, S C
20-Jun-2017Protein synthesis in human cancer cellChakrabarti, SyamalimaRoy, S C
31-Oct-2017Protein synthesis in human cancer cellDube, Dipak KumarRoy, S C
20-Jun-2017Protein synthesis in plant mitochondriaGhosh, Prabhat KumarRoy, S C
20-Jun-2017Protein synthesis in plant mitochondriaBhattacharyya, JitranjanRoy, S C
20-Jun-2017Protein synthesis in some soybeansRay, SubhankarRoy, S C
24-Jul-2017Some studies on carbene reactionsSarkar, Tarani KantaRoy, S C
28-Jul-2017Studies in certain biochemical aspects of human essential hypertensionChakraborty, Ranajit KumarRoy, S C