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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
20-Feb-2017A critical enquiry into Nissim Ezekiel s Oeuvre with special reference to his attitude towards love and marriage religion and philosophyRavikumar, SSubbiah, S
17-Oct-2016A study on the distribution of radium _226Ra and 228Ra_ in the ecosystem of Gulf of Mannar IndiaRavikumar, SShahul Hameed, P
13-Feb-2017Biodegradation of phenolic compounds using Halophilic bacteriaParimala, P SRavikumar, S
14-Dec-2015Effect of eco friendly vermicompost from seagrass on the growth yield and biochemical properties of agricultural crop plantsKalaiarasi, ARavikumar, S
20-Jul-2011Enhancement of immune response in catla catla(Ham.) by ethanolic extract of cynodon dactylon (L.) pers. mixed dietKaleeswaran, BRavikumar, S
18-Apr-2012Hepatoprotective mechanism of crinum asiaticum L and lycorine in carbon tetrachloride induced oxidative stress in swiss albino miceIlavenil, SRavikumar, S
18-Apr-2012Identification and characterization of novel proteins in diabetic and diabetic treated [Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers.] Albino RatsKarthik, DRavikumar, S
16-Feb-2015Isolation and identification of anti SEMBV MBV compounds from halophytic and non halophytic plants for the management of white spot diseases in shrimpNeelakandan, PRavikumar, S
17-Dec-2015Isolation of halobacteria from coastal and marine environs and their possible utility in trace metal bioremediationWilliams, Prakash G.Ravikumar, S
17-Dec-2015Isolation, biological activity and biofertiliser investigations of sponge derived Cyanoacterial symbiontsNural Shiefa, ARavikumar, S
23-Dec-2015Nitrogen fixing Azospirillum from coastal mangroves of south India and their utility as marine biofertilizersThadedus Maria Ignatiammal, SRavikumar, S
17-Dec-2015Phosphate solubilizing bacteria from mangrove habitat and their utility as marine biofertilizersShanthy, SRavikumar, S
20-Oct-2015Production of biofuel ethanol from seagrass biowaste by using halotolerant microbesGokulakrishnan, RRavikumar, S
30-Jan-2017Production of herbal salt from mangrove plants and scientific evaluation of safety and efficacy profile for commercial utilitySaravanan, VRavikumar, S
30-Jan-2017Scientific evaluation of safety and efficacy profile of marine herbal siddha formulation in the management of arthritisBabuselvam, MRavikumar, S
20-Oct-2015Screening and standardization of antimalarial drugs from sponge associated microorganisms for the management of malariaJacob Inbaneson, SRavikumar, S
13-Feb-2017Screening of marine bioactive principles against chosen bacterial strainsRaja Singh Paul, GRavikumar, S
25-Apr-2018Studies on the Antiplasmodial activity of marine sponge from Palk strait region against plasmodium falciparumPrasanna Kumar, SRavikumar, S
20-Oct-2015Studies on the biological activities of sponge associated microbes along Palk Strait for the management of fish diseasesPalani Selvan, GRavikumar, S
20-Oct-2015Studies on the hepatoprotective and antioxidant activity of chosen marine halophytes for the management of liver damageGnanadesigam, MRavikumar, S