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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
10-Mar-2016Characterization and functional studies on FadR like proteins from M tuberculosisYousuf, SuhailRanjan, Akash
5-Jun-2013Computational annotation of typical apicomplexan proteins and biochemical studies of highly conserved plasmodium falciparum acyl CoA binding proteinsJamshaid AliRanjan, Akash
9-Jan-2017Functional genomic studies on plasmodium falciparum: Identification and characterization of tRNA- modifying enzymes and Trna-derived fragmentsSawhney, BhavikRanjan, Akash
3-Dec-2020Functional studies on the role of Rv0023 in mycobacteriaGupta, Shailesh KumarRanjan, Akash
7-Dec-2012Improved computational prediction and analysis of protein - protein interaction networksMuley, Vijaykumar YogeshRanjan, Akash
2-Jan-2015Influence of nucleotide sequence of the foreign gene on expression efficiency in the baculovirus expression vector systemRanjan, AkashHasnain,Seyed E
16-Nov-2018Molecular characterisation of rv2989 protein from mycobacterium tuberculosisAngara, Rajendra KumarRanjan, Akash
23-Aug-2019Structural and functional studies of huntingtin interacting protein K to understand its modulatory roles in sequestration of aggregation-prone proteins and autophagyGhosh, Debasish KumarRanjan, Akash
13-Nov-2017Studies on hosa mediated molecular interactions involved in the pathophysiology of escherichia coliRoy, AjitRanjan, Akash
24-May-2019Study of Factors(S) Influencing Transcription Initiation in MycobacteriaMisra, RohanRanjan, Akash