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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
23-Feb-2016Generation and characterization of some of the flight muscles and neuron specific enhancer trap Gal4 strains in Drosophila melanogasterSingh, Salam HerojeetRamachandra, N. B.
8-Jun-2018Genetic analysis of the recombination machinery in the predisposition of Down Syndrome in South Indian populationRaviRaj, V. S.Ramachandra, N. B.
13-Mar-2015Genome wide detection of human copy number variations in dyslexic families from south India using microarray based SNP and CNV array six point zeroAvinash M. V.Ramachandra, N. B.
26-Apr-2018Genome wide scan to identify copy number variations in South Indian families with Parkinsons diseaseMegha MurthyRamachandra, N. B.
18-Jul-2016Molecular analysis of ADAM33 polymorphisms in relation to airway obstruction and asthma in South Indian populationSangeetha, V.Ramachandra, N. B.
2-Mar-2015Molecular analysis of asthma candidate genes in an Indian population from Mysore IndiaParisa Davoodi, E.Ramachandra, N. B.
18-Jul-2016Molecular genetic analysis of a few cytokines in asthmatic patients of South IndiaSareh Raeiszadeh JahromiRamachandra, N. B.
18-Jan-2016Molecular genetic analysis of GATA4 and NKX2point5 involved in the Congenital Heart DiseaseDinesh, S. M.Ramachandra, N. B.
2-Mar-2015Single nucleotide polymorphism analysis of candidate genes of developmental dyslexia in IndiaShyamala, K. V.Ramachandra, N. B.
15-May-2017Studies on rapidly evolving genes in few members of nasuta albomicans complex of DrosophilaRadhika, P.Ramachandra, N. B.