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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
14-Feb-2019A study on customers satisfaction of commercial banks with special reference to ramanathapuram districtRajendran PSyed Ibrahim M
29-Apr-2019A study on financial performance of selected software companies in indiaRajendran PGanesan T.R
9-Oct-2020A study on press and public relations in Government of PuducherryKulasekaran KRajendran P
8-Apr-2019An efficient region based image retrieval using fuzzy c means algorithm and user interactive multi threshold robust features vectorVenkatasalam KRajendran P
13-Mar-2018Characterisation of community and hospital isolates of Neisseria gonorrhoeae by biotyping serotyping molecular typing and cluster analysisBindu M PRajendran P
11-Jan-2021Efficient data collection in wireless sensor networks using compressive sensing and clusteringLakshminarayanan RRajendran P
5-Oct-2020Event based efficient video search on user feedback based recommendation using spectral clustering and A FP hybrid algorithmSakthivelan R GRajendran P
22-Mar-2018Immunological and experimental studies on Leptospirosis with special reference to isolation of native strains evaluation of an in house dot elisa western blot analysis of leptospiral proteins and induced leptospirosisSaravanan RRajendran P
2-Nov-2020Impact of mobile technology in multimedia communicationThanapandi SRajendran P
28-Nov-2013Implementation of medical decision support system for classification of brain tumor using image mining techniquesRajendran PMadeshwaran, M.
29-Oct-2020Isolation characterization and diversity studies of bdellovibrio and like organisms BALOS from environmental samples and their potential as biocontrol agentsSelvaraj SRajendran P
27-Feb-2015A kinetic study on phase transfer catalysed oxidation of secondary carbinols using alkylammonium compoundsRajendran PT.D. Radhakrishnan Nair
28-Feb-2018Mariculture of the marine sponge clathria frondifera ridley 1884 and its bioactive potentials in comparison with other common sponges occurring along the southeast coast of indiaRajendran PLipton A P
5-Apr-2018Molecular studies on distribution of HBV and HCV genotypes subtypes and determination of heterogeneity in precore and core region of HBV in chronic liver disease patientsVikram Reddy ERajendran P
25-Jan-2016Publication patterns of Space Technologists of VSSCRajendran PHumayoon Kabir S
23-Mar-2018Studies on certain sexually transmitted diseases with special reference to molecular typing of HIV Hepatitis B and C virus infection in Tribal Population of Tamil NaduKanthesh B MRajendran P
14-Mar-2018Studies on characterisation of haemophilus ducreyi from genital ulcer cases with special reference to restriction fragment length polymorphism rflp cluster analysis and identification of gmh A geneReena BanerjeeRajendran P
16-Feb-2018Studies on cryptococcosis in aids patients with special reference to characterisation of environmental and clinical isolates of cryptococcus neoformans by biotyping varietal typing serotyping antifungal susceptibility testing and rapd analysisBalakrishnan PRajendran P