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4-Jul-2016Effect of physical exercise yogic exercise and combination of physical exercise and yogic exercise on selected physical physiological and bio chemical variables of diabetic personsJothimani, APushparajan, A
4-Jul-2016Effects of bench step aerobics training resistance training and concurrent bench step aerobics training with resistance training on selected physical fitness components and skill performance variables of inter collegiate male basketball playersSathiyamoorthi, APushparajan, A
18-Feb-2015Effects of concurrent yogic practices and physical exercise training on health related physical fitness components and pulmonary parameters among asthmatic patientsVenkatachalam, KPushparajan, A
4-Jul-2016Effects of low volume circuit type resistance training and periodized high and low volume circuit type resistance training on physical physiological and skill performance variables adaptations in women college basket ball playersJayalakshmi, KPushparajan, A
1-Jul-2016Effects of resistance plyometric and complex training on training outcomes of volleyball playersArumugam, CPushparajan, A
19-Mar-2012Effects of resistance training with separate packages of Asanas and Ayurvedic massage on selected physical fitness components and physiological variables of men adultsSendhil, GPushparajan, A
4-Jul-2016Effects of varied combinations of concurrent aerobic and strength training programme on selected skill performance and fitness related parameters of male basketball playersKumar, R AshokPushparajan, A
4-Jul-2016Effects of various sports specific training methods on range of motion physical physiological psychological and performance related variables of male cricketersSaravanan, EPushparajan, A
7-Jun-2016Some problems in inter religious dialoguePushparajan, AShah, K J
4-Jul-2016The effects of specific pre season training package on selected physical fitness and cardio pulmonary variables and skill performance of football playersAlagesan, SPushparajan, A
4-Jul-2016The effects of specific pre season training package on selected physical fitness variables bowling speed bowling accuracy and bowling ability of fast bowlers in cricketKumar, V S T SaiPushparajan, A
4-Jul-2016The effects of stretching and contracting exercises on selected physical and physiological variablesPushparajan, APurushothaman, S
21-Feb-2017Women ecology and religion and their relationship in contemporary societyMary, Fatima KPushparajan, A