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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
25-Jan-2017A Comparative Study of Stress Level of Aspiration Achievement Motivation of Class X Students Under Grading System And Numerical Marking System Of EvaluationPradeep KumarLajwanti
25-Apr-2016A study of metric transformations on Finsler subspacesPradeep KumarNarasimhamurthy, S K
17-Jan-2013Analytical method development and stability studies for selected highly active anti retroviral drugs and their formulationsPradeep KumarKushnoor, Ashok
13-Jun-2017Asymmetric dihydroxylation and Jacobsens hydrolytic kinetic resolution methods to the synthesis of naturally occuring amino alcohols and lactonesVasudeva Naidu, SPradeep Kumar
12-Jun-2017Asymmetric dihydroxylation and wittig_horner approach to the synthesis of bioactive molecules and heterogeneous catalysis for organic transformationsPandey, Rajesh KumarPradeep Kumar
26-May-2017Asymmetric synthesis of bioactive molecules using sharpless asymmetric dihydroxylation amino hydroxylation and Jacobsen s hydrolytic kinetic resolutionGupta, PritiPradeep Kumar
16-May-2017Asymmetric transformations employing II_face stereoselection and enantioselective syntheses of biologically active natural productsKandula, Subba Rao VPradeep Kumar
13-Oct-2017Chemical investigation of Vitex negundo polysaccharidesPradeep KumarVineet Kumar
29-May-2017Development of new methodology using phosphorus ylides and enantioselective synthesis of pyrrolidine and piperidine alkaloidsUpadhyay, Puspesh KPradeep Kumar
2-Feb-2017Development of synthetic methodologies employing phosphorus ylides and synthesis studies towards AAL_toxin_ 3_hydroxypipecolic acid and related compoundsBodas, Mandar SPradeep Kumar
18-Nov-2016Development of Techniques and Models for Improving Software ReliabilityPradeep KumarYogesh Singh
8-Jan-2016Disign and Analysis of Intelligent Method for the Formalism of English Grammar RulesPradeep KumarDhami, H.S.
26-Oct-2018Diurnal variations of selected physiological variables and their recovery after high intensity treadmill running in athletesPradeep KumarSajwan, A S
14-Oct-2016Electronic and vibrational spectral studies and thermodynamic functions of some substituted phenolsPradeep KumarYadav, M K
25-Aug-2014Emerging patterns of intercaste relation in rural setting a sociology studyPradeep KumarJai Prakash
26-Aug-2019Enantiosclective synthesis of aminoalcohols and cyclopropane containing bioactive molecules and organic transformations using pivaloyl chlorideDubey, AbhishekPradeep Kumar
13-Aug-2015Feasibility of reservation in private sector employment and its impact on Indian economyPradeep KumarDr. Mohd. Ahmad
9-Oct-2015Genetical analysis of some quantitative traits in wheatPradeep KumarSharma, P K
10-Oct-2016Impact of globalisation on membership participation and involvement of workers in trade unions an anaiytical studyPradeep KumarSingh, Mahendra
5-Aug-2015An integrated approach for developmental planning of urban infrastructure of kanpurRashmi AshttPradeep Kumar