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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
21-Mar-2017A study on regulation of digestive enzyme secretion in Oryctes rhinoceros Coleoptera ScarabaeidaeSreekumar SPrabhu V K K
27-Mar-2017Biology and behaviour of the teak pest eutectona machaeralis walker lepidoptera pyralidaeGopakumar BPrabhu V K K
4-Apr-2017Influence Of Certain Topically Applied Juvenile Hormone Analogues On The Endocrines Of The Fifth Instar Nymphs Of Dysdercus Cingulatus FabrAleyamma JosephPrabhu V K K
16-Mar-2017Influence of topically applied juvenile hormone analogues on the embryonic development of dysdercus cingulatus Pyrrhocoridae HeteropteraMariamma JacobPrabhu V K K
4-Apr-2017Some aspects of reproductive behaviour in the coconut rhinoceros beetle Oryctes rhinoceros L Coleoptera ScarabaeidaeMini APrabhu V K K
18-Aug-2017Studies on Some Aspects of Antennal Sensillai n OpiSina Arenosella Walker Lepidoptera X Loryctinae Oryctes Rhinoceros ColeopteraScarabaeidae and Mating Behaviour In OpiSinaJayaprakash RPrabhu V K K
18-Aug-2017Studies on some Aspects of Digestion in Dysdercus Cingulatus Fabr Insecta Heteroptera PyrrhocoridaeMuaaleedharan DPrabhu V K K
27-Mar-2017Studies on some aspects of female accessory reproductive glands in Opisina arenosella Nephantis serinopa Cryptophasidae Lepidoptera and Oryctes rhinoceros Scarabaeidae ColeopteraGeetha P RPrabhu V K K
10-Apr-2017Studies on some aspects of in direct flight muscle degeneration in the red cotton bug dysdercus cingulatus pyrrhocoridae HeteropteraMohanan Nair C RPrabhu V K K
17-Apr-2017Studies on some aspects of reproduction in male opisina arenosella walker insecta lepidoptera xyloryctinaeSanthosh Babu P BPrabhu V K K
13-Oct-2017Studies on the Endocrine Physiology of the Islets of Langerhans and related cells in a bony fish Anabas Testudineus BlochGeetha Bhaskar SPrabhu V K K
27-Jul-2017Studies on the probable neurosecretory control of moulting and vitellogenesis in the millipede jonespeltis splendidus verhoeff myriapoda diplopodaKrishnan Nair V SPrabhu V K K
27-Jan-2017Studies on the spermatogenesis in dysdercus cingulatus fabrAmbikamma MPrabhu V K K