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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
4-Jan-2016A futurologistic study on some aspects of science and technology scenario of AssamSarma, Bhabani KantaPathak, K M
4-Jan-2016A study on geochronology of some crystalline rocks and minerals of the Meghalaya plateau by SSNTD techniqueGhosh, UdayanPathak, K M
11-Jan-2016A study on the emission of electromagnetic waves from large EASDatta Mazumdar, Girindra KumarPathak, K M
31-Dec-2015A study on the radiopulses from extensive air showers at metre wavelengthsBarthakur, Sunil KumarPathak, K M
5-Jan-2016Fission track ages of some coexisting minerals in granites of AssamMeghalaya plateauChakravarty, ArundhatiPathak, K M
5-Jan-2016Fission track studies on some accessory minerals in granites of MeghalayaTalukdar, Bhupen ChandraPathak, K M
31-Dec-2015Fission track studies on some minerals and water of the northeast IndiaSingh, Thoudam NandababuPathak, K M
4-Jan-2016On linsley effect and electromagnetic radiation from large EASDeb, Manab JyotiPathak, K M
4-Jan-2016On the emission and correlation of electromagnetic waves of different frequencies from EASSarma, DilipPathak, K M
4-Jan-2016On the radio emission from extensive air showersDutta, JayashreePathak, K M
5-Jan-2016Studies on electromagnetic radiation from large inclined showersNath, DipakPathak, K M
4-Jan-2016Studies on electromagnetic waves both at optical and radiofrequency regions from extensive air showersGoswami, Dinesh ChandraPathak, K M
4-Jan-2016Studies on low frequency few MHZ radiosignals associated with extensive air showersBorah, BhubaneswarPathak, K M
4-Jan-2016Studies on radio emission at lower frequencies from vertical and inclined large EASDas, BirenPathak, K M
4-Jan-2016Studies on radio pulses from extensive air showersBaruah, Prabin ChandraPathak, K M
8-Jan-2016Studies on some aspects of electromagnetic radiation from extensive air showersDatta, PranayeePathak, K M
4-Jan-2016Studies on the atmospheric erenkov radiation from large cosmic ray showersBoruah, KalyaneePathak, K M
6-Jan-2016Studies on the correlation between radio and optical pulses from extensive air showersBoruah, Pradip KumarPathak, K M