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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
27-Jul-2017Biological studies on Bengal isopodsAkhter, U S RowshanPal, S G
26-Jul-2017Feeding ecology and studies on the alimentary canal and its associated structures of Indian common heron Bubulcus IBIS coromandus BoddartBala, BiswanathPal, S G
10-Jul-2017Histomorphology and some biochemical studies on the digestive diverticula of meretrix meretrixGhosh, BidyutPal, S G
25-Jul-2017Microscopic studies on the biology of the female reproductive system of an Indian thysanuran insectGhosh, SmitaPal, S G
26-Jul-2017Newer observations on the haemolymph cells of lamellidens marginalisHaldar, SukdebPal, S G
10-Jul-2017Scanning electron microscopy of human hairs a comparative studyD E, J KPal, S G
26-Jul-2017Structure of heart S and the circulating blood cells of pheretima posthumaDinda, Pijush KantiPal, S G
26-Jul-2017Studies on the blood cells and thymus of pseudopocryptes lanceolatus Bloch and SchneiderDe, Subrata KumarPal, S G
10-Jul-2017Studies on the coelomocytes of echiurid and annelidSarkar, Asok KumarPal, S G
10-Jul-2017Studies on the haemolymph cells of ctenolepisma longicaudataChowdhury, NasreenPal, S G
20-Jun-2017Studies on the structural an functional aspects of the heart and circulating cells in lamellidens marginalisDas, SnigdhaPal, S G
25-Jul-2017The histochemistry and fine structure of the coelomocytes of pheretima posthumaMukhopadhyay, SakuntalaPal, S G
26-Jul-2017The study of thymus of an Indian teleost FishBala, Syamal KumarPal, S G