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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
18-Dec-2012Between conformity and non-conformity: a comparative study of the feminist critique of the patriarchal roles of women in Doris Lessing and Rajam KrishnanGeetha, T NNatarajan, N
25-Oct-2010Between ideology and murder: fear and power in the twentieth century American fiction- a select studyRajavelu, RNatarajan, N
22-Oct-2010Deconstructive satire in the novels of Gore VidalMissal, SamuelNatarajan, N
25-Oct-2010Familial archetypal patterns of relationships in Bellow and CheeverSatyanarayana, KNatarajan, N
26-Oct-2010Fluidity of identity in John Barth and Thomas PynchonRavichandran, TNatarajan, N
22-Oct-2010His/her story: a study of select American KunstlerromameDavees, C JNatarajan, N
22-Oct-2010The image of India in select works of Gandhi Nehru and ChaudhuriLourdes, Clement SagayaradjaNatarajan, N
8-Oct-2014Investigations on drilling of micro holes using electrical discharge machiningNatarajan, NSuresh, P
18-Dec-2012Patriarchal myths in postmodern feminist fiction: a select studyMarie Josephine Aruna, ANatarajan, N
25-Oct-2010The problematics of motherhood in twentieth century womens fiction: a select studyMinocha, PoonamNatarajan, N
18-Dec-2012Puducherry writings in English: a historical and critical studyRamkumar, DNatarajan, N
22-Oct-2010Sacramental vision in the poetry of hopkins and bharathi: a comparative studySouriapragassame, SNatarajan, N
3-Nov-2014Studies on aluminium metal matrix Composite for automotive brake Drum applicationsNatarajan, NVijayarangan, S
18-Oct-2016Synthesis of cupferron_derivatives as mineral collectors for ORE_beneficiatlonNatarajan, NArulsamy, K S
23-Mar-2017The dialectic of crime and punishment in dostoevsky and conrad a comparative studyNatarajan, NDr Chellappan, K
5-Aug-2014Tribological characterization of stir cast hybrid aluminium metal matrix composites and optimization using taguchi techniqueUvaraja, V CNatarajan, N
19-Dec-2012Woman and family in recent Indian feminist fiction in English: a select studyRuby Davaseeli, GNatarajan, N