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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
30-Jan-2017New spectrophotometric assay for the determination of selected drugs in pure and dosage formsK, DivyaNarayana, B
30-Jan-2017Studies on heterocyclic thiols and thiones as complexing agents and analytical reagentsNarayana, BGajendragad, M R
30-Jan-2017Studies on new reagents for the spectrophotomeric determinations of some drugs and their intermediatesShetty, Divya NNarayana, B
21-May-2010Studies on new reagents for the spectrophotometric determination of anions, metal ions and drugsPasha, ChandNarayana, B
30-Jan-2017Studies on new reagents for the Spectrophotometric determination of metal ions anions and synthesis of some liquid crystalline materialsMathew, MendalinNarayana, B
30-Jan-2017Studies on new reagents for titrimetric spectrophotometric determination of pollutants and corrosion inhibitor for metals in serviceSreekumar, N VNarayana, B
30-Jan-2017Studies on nitrogen oxygen and sulphur donor ligands as analytical reagents complexing agents and corrosion inhibitorsJoseph, AbrahamNarayana, B
30-Jan-2017Studies on oxygen nitrogen and sulphur donor ligands as complexing agents masking and gravimetric reagentsRamachandra, BNarayana, B
30-Jan-2017Studies on some sulphur and nitrogen donor ligands in complexometry and spectrophotometryC H, Raghavan NambiarNarayana, B
30-Jan-2017Studies on sulphur and nitrogen donor ligands as complexing agents and masking reagentsRao, B MuralidharaNarayana, B
30-Jan-2017Studies on the analytical applications and complexing behaviour of nitrogen oxygen and sulfur donor ligandsMathew, BijuNarayana, B
30-Jan-2017Studies on the complexing and analytical behaviour of sulphur nitrogen and oxygen donor heterocyclic compounds and allied reagentsBhat, K SubrahmanyaNarayana, B
30-Jan-2017Synthesis and characterisation of some new bioactive heterocyclic derivativesK K, Vijaya RajNarayana, B
30-Jan-2017Synthesis and structural studies of some new nitrogen containing heterocyclic compoundsSamshuddin, SNarayana, B
30-Jan-2017Synthesis structural and biological studies on nitrogen containing heterocyclic compounds and their intermediatesNayak, Prakash SNarayana, B