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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
9-Aug-2018Biochemical characteristics and molecular analysis of virulence genes of diarrhoegenic aeromonasKannan, SNair, G Balakrish
9-Oct-2017Biochemical pathophysiological and immunological characterization of non membrane damaging cytotoxin NMDCY of vibrio cholerae and a study of the ultrastructural changes induced by NMDCY on different cell linesBasu, IndiraNair, G Balakrish
22-Sep-2017Characterization of factors secreted by Vibrio Cholerae of clinical origin which distort the structural integrity of eukaryotic cellsMitra, RupakNair, G Balakrish
22-Sep-2017Genotypes vacuolating cytotoxin production and antibiotic sensitivity patterns of Helicobacter PyloriChattopadhyay, SantanuNair, G Balakrish
15-Jun-2017Immunobiological and molecular characterization of the rough strains of vibrio choleraeD e, KeyaNair, G Balakrish
11-Oct-2017Molecular analysis of the structure location and organization of the CTX genetic element of toxigenic Vibrio cholerae strains isolated over a period of three decadesBasu, ArnabNair, G Balakrish
31-Oct-2017Molecular analysis of the virulence genes of helicobacter pyloriDatta, SimantiNair, G Balakrish
16-Jun-2017Molecular epidemiology of vibrio parahaemolyticus in Calcutta India with emphasis on the 03 K6 and 04 K68 pandemic clonesChaudhuri, Nandini RayNair, G Balakrish
11-Oct-2017Studies on the cell rounding factor produced by vibrio choleraeSaha, Pradip KumarNair, G Balakrish
9-Oct-2017Studies on the prevalence of the various serogroups of vibrio cholerae among hospitalized patients in Calcutta and comparison of the biochemical serological antimicrobial susceptibility toxigenic and survival traits of serogroups O139 and O1 of V CholeraeMukhopadhyay, Asish KumarNair, G Balakrish
21-Jun-2017Studies on toxins of enteric campylobacters with particular reference to the cytolethal distending toxinBag, Prasanta KumarNair, G Balakrish