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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
1-Sep-2017Atomistic mechanism of protein folding unfolding under various conditionsMandal, ManojMukhopadhyay, Chaitali
13-Oct-2017Atomistic simulations of structure and dynamics of proteins peptides in different membrane bilayersManna, MoutusiMukhopadhyay, Chaitali
1-Sep-2017Biophysical studies on erythroid and non-erythroid spectrinPatra, MalayMukhopadhyay, Chaitali
14-Jun-2017Documentation in Jute technology its origin and developmentMukhopadhyay, ChaitaliMitra, Tarun Kumar
9-Aug-2018Effect of glycosylation on the protein structure and dynamics insights from molecular modelingHalder, SwagataMukhopadhyay, Chaitali
10-Oct-2017In Silico studies of structural and dynamical properties of some organized and disorganized biomolecules and the solvent around themDastidar, Shubhra GhoshMukhopadhyay, Chaitali
31-Oct-2017Influence of gangliosides on the structure and dynamics of membrane bound peptides proteinsKhatun, Ummul LihaMukhopadhyay, Chaitali
1-Sep-2017Lipid-Protein interaction - Insights from atomistic molecular dynamics simulationsBasu, IpsitaMukhopadhyay, Chaitali
9-Oct-2017Molecular dynamics simulation of protein carbohydrate conjugates and complexesMandal, Tarun KantiMukhopadhyay, Chaitali
31-Oct-2017Molecular mechanical and quantum mechanical calculations to study the protein ligand interactionsGangopadhyay, DebabaniMukhopadhyay, Chaitali
11-Oct-2017Simulation of protein dynamics under different denaturing conditionsDas, AtanuMukhopadhyay, Chaitali
22-Sep-2017Spectroscopic and molecular modeling studies of interaction of ganglioside GM1 with proteins peptides of biological importanceChattopadhyay, ChiradipMukhopadhyay, Chaitali
11-Oct-2017Spectroscopic and molecular modeling studies of lectin carbohydrate interactionMazumder, ParichitaMukhopadhyay, Chaitali
20-Jun-2017Spectroscopic investigation and molecular modelling of interaction between ganglioside containing model membranes and peptides proteinsGayen, AninditaMukhopadhyay, Chaitali
13-Oct-2017Studies on the interaction of phospholipid bilayer with membrane associated active compoundsMondal, SumitaMukhopadhyay, Chaitali