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11-Oct-2017Antigenotoxic effects of cassia fistula and cassia sophera extractsGanguli, SuchismitaMukherjee, Anita
22-Sep-2017Antioxidant and antigenotoxic activities of some selected species of alpinia curcuma and zingiberNag, AnishMukherjee, Anita
31-Oct-2017Application of the comet assay to biomonitor environmental mutagens and agricultural chemicals in model plants and agronomic cropsGhosh, SalmaMukherjee, Anita
13-Aug-2018Bioassay for monitoring the genotoxicity of soil polluted by fly ash and phytoremediation for mitigationJana, AditiMukherjee, Anita
31-Oct-2017Evaluation of genotoxic potential of arsenic and fluoride in mammalian cellsBiswas, RupanwitaMukherjee, Anita
27-Jul-2017Evaluation of the anti genotoxic potential of some plants of ethnobotanical importance and their antioxidant propertiesNag, DebaratiMukherjee, Anita
10-Oct-2017Evaluation of the clastogenicity of physical and chemical agents by molecular cytogenetic biomarkers in plantsBandyopadhyay, AtrayeeMukherjee, Anita
3-Aug-2018Female headed household A study in KolkataMukherjee, AnitaDasgupta, Samir
20-Jun-2017Genotoxicity investigations of nanomaterialsGhosh, ManosijMukherjee, Anita
15-Dec-2017Genotoxicity of gold and aluminium oxide nanoparticles in plant and mammlian cellsDe, ArpitaMukherjee, Anita
21-Jun-2017Genotoxicity of kokam garcinia Indica and its modulatory effects on certain carcinogen induced mutationsDas, AparajitaMukherjee, Anita
15-Dec-2017Genotoxicity testing of food additives and contaminantsBasu, AvisekMukherjee, Anita
15-Jun-2017Genotoxicity tests of certain food additivesSaha, AnsumanMukherjee, Anita
22-Sep-2017Study of Aromatic grasses and the Antigenotoxic properties of their essential oilsSinha, SonaliMukherjee, Anita
24-Jul-2017Study of genotoxic effects of low calorie sweeteners and in combination with other food additivesGhoshal, SarbaniMukherjee, Anita
31-Oct-2017Study of genotoxicity of fly ash and its possible phytoremediation using Vetiveria Zizanioides Linn NashChakraborty, RajarshiMukherjee, Anita
15-Apr-2014Thermodynamic consequences of molecular crowding on information growth in prebiotic evolutionMukherjee, AnitaAttri, K Arun