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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
27-Jan-2017Bioaccumulation and bio sorption of chromium from slag of a Ferro alloy company and its effect on growth performance on microbesRout, AbhijeetaMohanty, R C
25-Oct-2016Bioindicators biotic stability of two freshwater ponds of Puri district the ecological perspective of biological organisms as indicators of water qualityVerma, Jadunath PrasadMohanty, R C
27-Jan-2017Biological ecotendencies in monitoring the level of pollution in surface waters with special reference to some Bhubaneswar water bodiesKumar, Mohapatra PradiplaMohanty, R C
27-Jan-2017Biotoxicity of mercury speciation under nutrient limitation and supplementation on green algae Chlorella Vulgaris and Scenedesmus BijugaMohanty, LizaMohanty, R C
28-Oct-2016Comparative studies of water quality and some biological characteristics of two fresh water lakes of Puri districtChatterjee, Adhikari Ashok KumarMohanty, R C
30-Jan-2019Comparative studies of water quality and some biological characteristics of two freshwater lakes of Puri districtChatterjee, Adhikari Ashok KumarMohanty, R C
27-Jan-2017Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus addition on pesticidal toxicity to two green algaeDas, RitaraniMohanty, R C
28-Oct-2016Effect of organophosphorus pesticides on the membrane integrity of chlorella vulgarisPanda, Sobhana SubhadarshanaMohanty, R C
27-Jan-2017Environmental Degradation and Recovery of Heavy Metal Toxicity to two Micro Algae Isolated from the Chilka LagoonMishra, SmitanjaliMohanty, R C
27-Jan-2017Evaluation of water quality of chilika lagoonMishra, SujataMohanty, R C
27-Jan-2017Feasibility of the usage of the effluent emanating from balarpur paper industry and its impact on germination plant growth and yield componentDakhinkabat, Rajendra NarayanMohanty, R C
25-Jan-2017Floristic and ethnobotanical study of Nuapada district Orissa IndiaKandi, BhagirathiMohanty, R C
27-Jan-2017Germination and seedling growth of five tree species tropical dry forests of chandaka wildlife sanctuary in relation to different environmental factorsNanda, Pradipta KumarMohanty, R C
27-Jan-2017Influence of some inorganic nutrients and organic ligands on regulation of mercury toxicity to chlorella vulgaris and scenedesmus bijugatusMohapatra, Dillip KumarMohanty, R C
28-Oct-2016Isolation characterization and interaction between microbes and chromium contaminated slag from a metal and ferroalloys companyMisra, SamitaMohanty, R C
27-Jan-2017Pesticide induced growth rate depression of two planktonic green algaeAcharya, KalpanaMohanty, R C
28-Oct-2016Photosynthetic and biochemical responses Vigna Mungo L to nickel stress with reference to the tolerance mechanismDas, SmaranikaMohanty, R C
27-Jan-2017Phytoattributes of pesticidal toxicity influenced by environmental factors and water quality in a microcosmNayak, SumitraMohanty, R C
27-Jan-2017Phytosociological study of forest ecosystems of similipal biosphere reserve OrissaMishra, Rabindra KumarMohanty, R C
27-Jan-2017Post-harvest spoilage of mahua Madhuca Latifolia L flowers control measures and bio-processing for ethanol productionBehera, ShuvashishMohanty, R C