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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
28-Sep-2018A study on biofilm formation by candida Albicans and its susceptibility to antifungal drugsBapurao, Shinde RavikumarKaruppayil, S Mohan
24-Sep-2018Alcohols as modulators of dimorphic switching in candida AlbicansChauhan, Nitin MKaruppayil, S Mohan
24-Sep-2018Antifungal properties of cancer drugs an in vitro study in candida AlbicansMadhumita, Routh MadhushreeKaruppayil, S Mohan
24-Sep-2018Cloning and characterization of drought responsive gene S in chickpea Cicer arietinum LKondawar, VishwajithKaruppayil, S Mohan
24-Sep-2018Cloning and functional characterization of orthologs of DREBCBF transcriptional factor involved in drought responsible gene expression in chickpea Cicer arietinum LAtmaram, Deokar AmitKaruppayil, S Mohan
2-Aug-2018Effect of phytochemicals on growth and dimorphic switching of candida AlbicansN, Devkatte AKaruppayil, S Mohan
24-Sep-2018Modulation of candida Albicans biofilm formation by selected molecules of plant originRaut, Jayant ShankarKaruppayil, S Mohan
24-Sep-2018Molecules of natural origin as inhibitors of ergosterol biosynthesis in candida AlbicansBalsing, Rajput SandeepKaruppayil, S Mohan
11-Sep-2018Pharmacological studies of taverniera cuneifolia Roth Arn a substitute for commercial liquoriceBalasaheb, Zore GajananKaruppayil, S Mohan
24-Sep-2018Studies on antifungal drug susceptibility in clinical isolates of candida AlbicansShriram, Rathod VimalKaruppayil, S Mohan
1-Aug-2018Studies on indoor fungi and their controlKhan, Ahmed Abdul HaleemKaruppayil, S Mohan