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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
19-Jun-2017Chemical investigations of certain Indian medicinal plants with special reference to flavonoidsAravindakshan Nair GJoshua C P
3-Nov-2016Chemistry of some 1 3 5 triazine 2 Thiols and related compoundsRajan V PJoshua C P
27-Jan-2017Contribution to the chemistry of 1 2 4 thiadiazolines and 1 3 5 triazinesSujatha T SJoshua C P
16-Nov-2017Contribution to the Chemistry of 1 3 5 TriazinesSuseelan M SJoshua C P
16-Nov-2017Contribution to the Chemistry of Nitrogen Sulphur Heterocycles related to 1 2 4 Triazoles 1 3 4 Thiadiazoles and 1 2 4 DithiazolinesVarghese AnnieJoshua C P
19-Feb-2018Contributions to the Chemistry of 1 2 4 ThiadiazolesKesavan Nambisan P NJoshua C P
28-Nov-2016Contributions to the chemistry of 1 2 4 triazolesAravindakshan C PJoshua C P
18-Aug-2017Hexahydropyrimidine 2 thione as synthon for certain heterocycle derivativesSasikala VJoshua C P
3-Nov-2016Investigations on the photoreactions of 2 2 DinitrodiphenylmethanesChristudhas MJoshua C P
31-Mar-2017Metal complexes of substituted amidinothioureasAbraham GeorgeJoshua C P
27-Jan-2017Nitrogen sulphur heterocycle derivatives as synthons for 1 3 5 triazinethiones and dithionesVarghese T Elizabeth MiniJoshua C P
27-Jan-2017Photochemistry of N N dialkylaminonitrodiphenylmethanesMathew M SamuelJoshua C P
28-Nov-2016Photochemistry of Nitro AromaticsBahulayan DJoshua C P
27-Jan-2017Photochemistry of some Nitro ArenesRamdas P KJoshua C P
31-Mar-2017Photocyclization of AzobenzenesRajasekharan Pillai V NJoshua C P
29-May-2017Photoreactions of methoxy and halogen substituted 2 2 DinitrodiphenylmethanesVelayudhan Nair MJoshua C P
28-Nov-2016Studies in Nitrogen Sulphur HeterocyclesSuni M MJoshua C P
23-Oct-2017Studies in Nitrogen Sulphur HeterocyclesJollyamma MathewJoshua C P
28-Nov-2016Studies in sulphur-nitrogen heterocvclesLissamma KoshyJoshua C P
28-Nov-2016Studies on 1 2 4 thiadiazoles and related compoundsRajasekharan K NJoshua C P