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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
31-Oct-2017A study to optimise the production of colchicine from Gloriosa SP using cell and tissue culture techniquesGhosh, SeemantiJha, Sumita
9-Oct-2017Agrobacterium mediated transformation in medicinal plants and studies on relationship between organisation and secondary metabolite production in vitroMukhopadhyay, SwapnaJha, Sumita
15-Dec-2017Agrobacterium rhizogenes mediated transformation in Swertia spp Analysis of chromosome behavior and bioactive compoundsSamaddar, TapojitaJha, Sumita
27-Oct-2017Biotechnological approaches for the production of cytotoxic anticancerous compoundsMajumder, AnriniJha, Sumita
10-Oct-2017Clonal propagation germplasm conservation and DNA fingerprinting pattern in Bulbophyllum auricomum Lind LThan, Myo Ma MaJha, Sumita
10-Oct-2017Generation of increased salinity tolerant transgenics of vigna mungo and study the plant microbe interactionPandey, Nisha KantJha, Sumita
10-Oct-2017Genetic transformation in medicinal plants for the elicitation of secondary metabolitesBiswas, SukanyaJha, Sumita
28-Dec-2017Genetic transformation of arabidopsis thaliana and bacopa monnieri for development of cotransformed hairy root cultures and plants expressing a cryptogein gene of ovel elicitor functionPaul, PijushJha, Sumita
1-Sep-2017Genetic transformation of Rauvolfia serpentina with Agrobacterium Rhizogenes effects of Ri T-DNA on growth phenotype and secondary metabolism in transgenic culturesRay, SmitaJha, Sumita
10-Oct-2017In vitro study on tea and cashewnut as an aid for propagation of improved varietiesDas, SudriptaJha, Sumita
27-Jul-2017Modifying natural products metabolism in co-transformed hairy root cultures and transgenic plants by expressing a cryptogein gene of novel elicitor functionBasu, AmritaJha, Sumita
11-Oct-2017Molecular and phenotypic stability in Ri transformed organ cultures and plants of tylophora indica burm f merrillRoychowdhury, DipasreeJha, Sumita
23-May-2019Peturbing secondary metabolism in cotransformed hairy root cultures of Withania somnifera L dunal upon endogenous stress responsesSil, BipradutJha, Sumita
1-Sep-2017Phylogenetic analysis of different species of asparagus based on molecular cytogenetic and systematic studySaha, Partha SarathiJha, Sumita
14-Jun-2017Tissue culture and Agrobacterium mediated transformation in medicinal plantsBandyopadhyay, MaumitaJha, Sumita
28-Jul-2017Tissue culture and agrobacterium mediated transformation in withania somnifera for production of secondary metabolitesRay, SwagataJha, Sumita
10-Oct-2017Tissue culture and agrobacterium mediated transformation of Tylophora indica for production of secondary metabolitesChaudhuri, Kuntal NarayanJha, Sumita