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9-Feb-2015Growth and characterization of amino acid based nonlinear optical single crystals of organic and semiorganic compoundsKalaiselvi DJayavel R
27-Aug-2019Investigation on supercapacitive characteristics of metal oxide graphene nanocomposites for energy storage applicationsNagaraju PJayavel R
10-Feb-2015Investigation on the synthesis and characterization of ymno3 tbmno3 Nanostructures and lafeo3 Based nanocomposites for Photocatalytic applicationsDhinesh kumar RJayavel R
18-Nov-2014Investigations on growth and characterization of la09pb01mno3 single crystals and effect of heavy ion irradiation on the physical propertiesRamesh babu MJayavel R
26-Nov-2014Investigations on the growth aspects And optical properties of cesium Triborate single crystals For UV generationRajesh DJayavel R
16-Jul-2013Investigations on the preparation and characterization of pure and rare earth doped ZnO nanorods and thin filmsIlanchezhiyan PJayavel R
30-Jan-2014Investigations on the synthesis and characterization of some rare earth oxide nanostructures and mesocrystalsKrishna Chandar NJayavel R
7-Oct-2014Investigations on zno m m al cd sno2zn and zn2sno4 thin films deposited by spray pyrolysis methodVijayalakshmi SJayavel R
19-Aug-2019Reduced graphene oxide based metal oxide and sulfide nanocomposites for supercapacitor applicationsSengottaiyan CJayavel R
17-Dec-2014Studies on the growth aspects and Characterization of nonlinear Optical metal organic bimetallic Thiocyanate based single crystalsRaghavan C MJayavel R