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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
17-Oct-2016Methods for the analysis of some pharmaceuticals using two N BromoimidesChitra Devi A RIndrasenan P
7-Nov-2016Mixed ligand complexes of lanthanide III ions with some pyrazolones and edtaRajagopan SIndrasenan P
29-Mar-2017Mixed ligand complexes of thorium IV and dioxouranium VI with some pyrazolones and various anionsRajendran GIndrasenan P
27-Jan-2017Redox titrations using some dihalohydantoins as new oxidants in non aqueous mediaRadhamma M PIndrasenan P
7-Nov-2016Studies of some lanthanide complexes with 4 substituted pyrazol 5 onesRijulal GIndrasenan P
29-Mar-2017Studies on some coordination compounds of thorium IV nitrateBabu KuncheriaIndrasenan P
27-Jan-2017Studies on some Lanthanide Complexes with Aliphatic Amino AcidsSanthosh SIndrasenan P
28-Jul-2017Studies on some lanthanide complexes with certain O and N Donor LigandsJayasankar HIndrasenan P
28-Oct-2016Studies on some mixed ligand complexes of lanthanide III ionsMeera GopalIndrasenan P
31-Oct-2016Studies on some mixed ligand complexes of thorium IV and dioxouranium VISujaya KumariIndrasenan P
7-Nov-2016Studies on some schiff base complexes of lanthanide III ions in presence of different anionsUsha Kumar BIndrasenan P
31-Mar-2017Studies on some schiff base complexes of lanthanide nitrates and perchloratesRadhakrishnan P SIndrasenan P
27-Jan-2017Studies on some schiff base complexes of lanthanidesMahalakshmi Sita NIndrasenan P
9-Mar-2016Studies on some schiff base complexes of uranyl nitrateSobhana Devi GIndrasenan P
27-Jan-2017Studies on some Thiourea Complexes of certain Transition MetalsAsha Bhanu A VIndrasenan P
7-Nov-2016Studies on some thiourea complexes of lanthanidesBilma P SIndrasenan P
28-Nov-2016Studies on some thiourea complexes Of thorium iv and dioxouranium viSuresh TIndrasenan P
27-Jan-2017Studies on some Thorium IV and dioxouranium VI complexes with Leucine and IsoleucineRadhamoniamma KIndrasenan P
25-Oct-2016Studies on some transition metal complexes with glycine and alanineNajeeb AIndrasenan P
27-Jan-2017Studies on the lanthanide III complexes with 4 benzoyl 3 methyl 1 Phenylpyrazol 5 one and some of its schiff basesSam KunchandyIndrasenan P