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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
30-Jan-2017A comparative study of blood of Indian tiger frog Rana Tigerina and Toad Bufo MelanostictusVaradaraju, VaradarajuHegde, S N
30-Jan-2017Alimentary canal physiology of the Indian sand whiting Sillago sihama ForsskalAthikary, C PHegde, S N
30-Jan-2017Aspects of intestinal absorption of glucose in the pigeon Columba Livia GmelinPatil, Shivakumar DHegde, S N
30-Jan-2017Biochemical properties of pigeon milkShetty, SreeramaHegde, S N
30-Jan-2017Biological properties of pigeon milkL, BharathiHegde, S N
30-Jan-2017Ecology of the black pond turtle Melanochelys trijuga and other chelonians of tropical rain forests of the Western Ghats of KarnatakaB K, SharatHegde, S N
30-Jan-2017Energy and digestive enzyme profile of the pearl spot Etroplus Suratensis bloch during different life stages and seasonsShivaprakasha, S MHegde, S N
30-Jan-2017Functional development of small intestine in pigeons Columba liviaShenoy, Bhasker KHegde, S N
5-Oct-2016Groundwater studies of hubli Dharwad municipal corporation area Karnataka IndiaHegde, S NPuranik, S C
6-Jan-2016In vitro studies on the effect of colchicine treatment and gamma irradiation in renades arunodaya hybrid and its parent species aerides rosea loddiges ex paxt A Williamsii Warn and renanthera imschootiana rolfeSinha, Swapan KumarHegde, S N
30-Jan-2017Studies on blood constituents of domestic pigeons Columba LiviaK L, GayathriHegde, S N
30-Jan-2017Studies on some intestinal disaccharidases of the pigeon Columba Livia GmelinPrakash, KHegde, S N
30-Jan-2017Studies on the cryopreservation of spermatozoa from Mahseer Tor KhudreeBasavaraja, NHegde, S N
26-May-2016Studies on the ecology and population dynamics of a few species of tabanidaeVasudeva, S PHegde, S N