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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
10-Dec-2014Analitical Studies on stream soil and air pollution problems related to some industrial tocicantsRamchandran, K NGupta, V K
14-May-2013Analysis of proteome of aspergillus fumigatus for identification of novel unknown immunogensBharat SinghGupta, V K; Sharma, G L
22-May-2015Analytical determination of some pes tic ides in environmental samplesTiwari, PritiGupta, V K
22-May-2015Analytical studie on some important pesticides and organic pollutantsAstana, AnupamaGupta, V K
18-Jun-2015Analytical studies on some organic pollutantsVearma, DratimaGupta, V K
10-Dec-2014Analytical Studies on the Chemical Pollutants of Steel IndustryBaveja,Anil KGupta, V K
18-Jun-2015Analytical studies on the determination of some pesticide residues and toxic substances in the environmental samplesKesari, RituGupta, V K
22-May-2015Analytical studies on the trace determination of some organic industrial pollutantsBhattacharjee, MadhusriGupta, V K
29-Jan-2018Bacterial pectinase production purification immobilization and industrial applicationsKaur, Simran JotGupta, V K
22-Dec-2014Characterisation and analysis determination of carcinogenic pesticides and related compunds in the environmentDas, Joyce VanishaGupta, V K
2-Jan-2015Characterisation and analytical determinatiol of carcinogenic pesticides and related compounds in the environmentDas, Joyce VanishaGupta, V K
10-Dec-2014Characterisation and evaluation of some inorganic pollutants in the environmentKaveeshwar,RachanaGupta, V K
10-Dec-2014Characteriztion and evaluation of some commonly occurring pollutants in residential environmentMathew,Sunitha BGupta, V K
19-Oct-2016Design a methodology by using error back perceptron training algorithm to measure reliability of software modulesAggarwal, GauravGupta, V K
7-Jan-2015Microbial lipase production purification characterization immobilization and its applicationKumar, DavenderGupta, V K
21-Apr-2016Monopoly power some aspects of its impact in Indian industry 1950 to 1966Kansra, Sham LalGupta, V K
17-Dec-2014Pesticmes and the enviboniient their characterization and evaluationAgrawal, VikitaGupta, V K
29-May-2015Potential analytical reagents for trace determination of some organic toxicantaUpadhayay, SwetaGupta, V K
11-Dec-2014Potential artalytical reagents for pollutants op ala and waterbhatt, AlkaGupta, V K
25-Apr-2018Protease inhibitors in Indian legumes isolation and characterization of trypsin inhibitor from kidney beansMittal, AnuradhaGupta, V K