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16-Apr-2014Genetic and molecular characterization of osmoregulatory genes in Escherichia coli : studies of mutations in kdp Operon and Ohter K +- Transport genesAsha, HGowrishankar, J
26-Dec-2013Genetics and physiology of osmoregulation in Escherichia coli: mechanisms of osmotic regulation of trancription of the proU OperonManna, DipankarGowrishankar, J
18-Jun-2014Genetics of adaptation to low-water-activity stress in escherichia coli: identification and characteriation of insertion mutations conferring NaCI-sensitivityReddy, N. MadhusudanGowrishankar, J
24-Jul-2014Genetics of osmoregulation in Eschericia coli K 12 : isolationa and characterization of mutants altered in regulation of the proU OperonJayashree, PohnerkarGowrishankar, J
21-Nov-2019In vitro studies on mechanisms and physiological role of H-NS family of proteins and Rho- dependent transcription termination in Escherichia coliKapshikar, Rajvardhan MadhukarGowrishankar, J
22-Jul-2014Mechanism of osmotic regulation of transcription of the proU operon in escherichia coliRajkumari, KvetiGowrishankar, J
6-Mar-2014Potassium transport and its regulation in escherichia coli: studies on transcriptional regulation of the kdp operonSardesai, Abhijit AGowrishankar, J
28-Mar-2011Structural and functional studies of mycobacterium tuberculosis Chaperonin60sQamra, RohiniGowrishankar, J
20-Feb-2014Studies of mutational mechanisms in escherichia coli in various phases of growth reversion analysis of mutations in lacZ geneReddy, ManjulaGowrishankar, J
9-Jan-2017Studies on genes of arginine/lysine transport and its regulation in E.coliPathania, AmitGowrishankar, J
21-Nov-2019Studies on Rho- dependent transcription termination and pathological consequences of RNA:DNA hybrids (R- loops) in Escherichia coliRaghunathan, NaliniGowrishankar, J
7-Jul-2021Studies on the functions and mechanisms of action of the endoribonuclease RNase E in Escherichia coliAli, NidaGowrishankar, J
1-Aug-2014Studies on the rpoB364 mutation in escherichia coli : genetic and molecular analyses of suppressors of plasmid mediated lethality phenotypeHarinarayanan, RGowrishankar, J