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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
30-Jan-2017A correlation study on spectroscopic and chemical bond parameters of some N-chloro and other substituted amidesDSouza, John DeepakGowda, B Thimme
30-Jan-2017A study of structural effects on the kinetics and mechanism of some reactions with sodium and tertiary butyl hypochlorites and allied compoundsMary, M CGowda, B Thimme
30-Jan-2017A study of substituent effect on the structures of n aryl and n acyl sulfonamidesNirmala, P GGowda, B Thimme
30-Jan-2017Chemistry control of cooling and other water systems in nuclear power plantsDash, Sibaji CGowda, B Thimme
30-Jan-2017Kinetic and analytical investigations with aromatic halosulphonamidesSherigara, B SheenaGowda, B Thimme
30-Jan-2017Kinetic and spectroscopic investigations with some amidesBhat, D KrishnaGowda, B Thimme
30-Jan-2017Kinetic synthetic and spectroscopic studies with some n-chloro and n-aryl substituted benzenesulphonamidesShetty, MaheshaGowda, B Thimme
30-Jan-2017Kinetics and mechanisms of some redox reactions in solutionRao, R VijayalakshmiGowda, B Thimme
30-Jan-2017Mechanistic investigations of some metal ion oxidations A kinetic and catalytic studyBhat, K RaghavendraGowda, B Thimme
30-Jan-2017Mechanistic investigations with N-halosulphonamides in partial aqueous mediaNambiar, P V VelayudhanGowda, B Thimme
30-Jan-2017Spectroscopic and kinetic studies with some n substituted amidesKumar, B H ArunGowda, B Thimme
30-Jan-2017Synthetic and structure - reactivity studies with N - substituted - SulphonamidesSavitha, M BGowda, B Thimme
30-Jan-2017Synthetic Spectroscopic and structural studies with N substituted amidesShilpa, ShilpaGowda, B Thimme
30-Jan-2017Synthetic spectroscopic and Structural Studies with Some N ARYL substituted amides and sulfonamidesRodrigues, Vinola ZeenaGowda, B Thimme
30-Jan-2017Synthetic structural and kinetic studies with N substituted benzamides and sulphonamidesLatha, SriGowda, B Thimme
30-Jan-2017Synthetic structural and mechanistic studies with some N substituted sulfonamides and estersNayak, RoopaGowda, B Thimme
30-Jan-2017The kinetics of chemical change in the condensed phasePardhasaradhi, VGowda, B Thimme