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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
6-Sep-2011Applications of laser induced photoacoustic effect for the study of gases and solidsRavi Kumar, A VGirijavallabhan, C P
31-Dec-2012Electrical and magnetic measurements on some high Tc superconductorsVidyalal VGirijavallabhan, C P
11-Nov-2010Evolution and dynamics of plasma generated from solid targets by strong laser fieldsIssac, Riju CGirijavallabhan, C P
11-Mar-2011Fabrication and characterization of all-fiber components for optical access networksVarghese, SamuelNampoori, V P N; Girijavallabhan, C P
11-Nov-2010Generation and characterization of laser induced plasma from a few solid targetsPadmaja, GGirijavallabhan, C P
27-Dec-2012Improved instrumentation and some investigations in wideline N M RWilson K JGirijavallabhan, C P
12-Oct-2011Investigations of nonlinear optical properties of certain organic photonic materials using Z-Scan and DFWM techniquesPaul, BinoyGirijavallabhan, C P
14-Oct-2011Laser induced photothermal investigations on thermal and transport properties of certain selected photonic materialsGeorge, Sajan DGirijavallabhan, C P
24-Apr-2012Optical emission diagnostics of laser produced plasma from Graphite and YBa2Cu3O7Harilal, S SGirijavallabhan, C P
11-Jan-2016Photoacoustic effect some applications in laser technologySatheeshkumar, M KGirijavallabhan, C P
1-Feb-2016Preparation and Study of Optical Properties of CdS CdS TiO2 and CdS Au Nanocomposites for Photonic ApplicationsMathew, SGirijavallabhan, C P
12-Oct-2011Studies on electrical and thermal properties of certain selected photonic materialsXavier, EdwinGirijavallabhan, C P
25-Jan-2016Studies on electroluminescence using powder and thin film devicesPillai, Muraleedharan SGirijavallabhan, C P
13-Nov-2013Studies on molecular structure and properties using microwave and infrared spectral dataPaul, C MGirijavallabhan, C P
11-Jan-2016Studies on the electrical properties of some crystalline organic compounds and conducting polymersSanthakumari, N CGirijavallabhan, C P
21-Aug-2014Study on laser induced photothermal phenomena in selected organic compounds and fullerenesBindhu, C VGirijavallabhan, C P
31-Dec-2012Z scan and degenerate four wave mixing studies in certain photonic materialsUnnikrishnan K PGirijavallabhan, C P