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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
21-Jun-2017Biochemical studies on vibrio cholerae under normal and antimetabolite resistant conditionGhosh, SanjayChatterjee, G C
1-Nov-2017Characterising the molecular mechanism of nitrosative stress tolerance in schizosaccharomyces pombeMajumdar, UddalakGhosh, Sanjay
11-Oct-2017Characterizing plant defense molecules involved in plant microbe interactionSarkar, Tuhin SubhraGhosh, Sanjay
10-Oct-2017Characterizing the effect of nitrosative stress on mitochondriaBhattacharjee, ArindamGhosh, Sanjay
28-Dec-2017Characterizing the effects of nitrosative stress in saccharomyces cerevisiae using proteomic analysisPanja, ChiranjitGhosh, Sanjay
8-Jul-2019Characterizing the role of nitric oxide and reactive nitrogen species in cellular autophagyDatta, SampurnaGhosh, Sanjay
1-Sep-2017Genome wide gene expression profiling of schizosaccharmomyces pombe in response to reactive nitrogen speciesBiswas, PranjalGhosh, Sanjay
10-Oct-2017Molecular characterization of Drosophila nitric oxide synthaseSengupta, RajibGhosh, Sanjay
10-Jul-2017Some psychological characteristics and adjustment patterns of tsunami affected people in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands: an exploratory studyGhosh, SanjayChattopadhyay, Prabal Kumar
4-Jun-2018Studies on oxygenase and reductase domain of Drosophila nitric oxide synthaseRay, Sougata SinhaGhosh, Sanjay
10-Oct-2017Studies on the effects of nitrosative stress on yeastSahoo, RupamGhosh, Sanjay
13-Oct-2017Studies on the extremophilic cellulases and hemicellulases isolated from fungusDutta, TanmayGhosh, Sanjay
1-Sep-2017Studies on the production characterization and application of silver and gold nanoparticles synthesized by penicillium citrinum MTCC9999Goswami, Achintya MohanGhosh, Sanjay