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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
23-Jun-2016A study of job stress emotional vital signs perceived organizational support and burnout among nursesArora, RachnaGhosh, S N
30-Jan-2017Anti_idiotypic antibodies for japanese encephalitis virus_ production purification and characterizationGhanekar, Smita AGhosh, S N
13-Apr-2017Cell mediated immunological studies in neurological disorders having probable viral etiologyGore, M MGhosh, S N
10-Apr-2017Clinico_immunological correlation of interferon parameters and natural killer cell activity in oral cancerJamkar, Arun VyankteshGhosh, S N
28-Jul-2017Cognitive style and personality needs of the high and the low achievers in Science and humanities at higher secondary levelGhosh, SwapnaGhosh, S N
24-Jul-2017Collision frequency in f region of the ionosphereSarkar, Prasanta KumarGhosh, S N
16-Feb-2017Interferon production by fresh and cryopreserved lymphocytesBanerjea, A CGhosh, S N
21-Jun-2017Investigation of interstellar moleculesGhosh, Kajal KumarGhosh, S N
18-Oct-2016Job demand_control and psychological well_being in doctors and managersKhanna, ShipraGhosh, S N
27-Jan-2017Job demand_control social support and emotional vital signs among cardiovascular disorder patientsAnupam KumariGhosh, S N
13-Oct-2016Job stress emotional vital signs and organizational support as discriminators of well beingRadha, AnupmaGhosh, S N
13-Oct-2016Life event stress and psychological vital signs in tension headache a case control studySharma, AnuGhosh, S N
13-Oct-2016Life events stress anxiety anger and depression in chronic pain patients a case control studySharma, TarunaGhosh, S N
28-Feb-2018Studies on antigen antibody interaction of flavi and other viruses by enzyme linked immunosorbent assayKrishnamoorthy, GeethaGhosh, S N
26-May-2017Studies on arbovirus antigensRai, JagdishGhosh, S N
18-Oct-2017Studies on immunological response to group B arboviruses _Flaviviruses_Venkateshan, C NGhosh, S N
29-Mar-2017Studies on killed kyasanur forest disease virus vaccineDndawate, C NGhosh, S N
10-Jul-2017The VIE model and job behaviour an empirical studyBhattacharyya, KumkumGhosh, S N