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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
2-Aug-2018An investigation on cell and tissue cultures of Nigella and Corchorus with a view to development of genetic variantsGhosh, KanailalGhosh, P D
20-Aug-2018An investigation on heavy metal toxicity in tomato under in vivo and in vitro conditionDe, BiswajitGhosh, P D
3-Aug-2018An investigation on tissue and cell culture of wheat and triticaleBandyopadhyay, SaumitraGhosh, P D
1-Aug-2018An investigation on tissue culture of certain indigenous medicinal plantsPradhan, MeghaGhosh, P D
2-Aug-2018Assessment of biodiversity of gladiolus germplasms with special reference to tissue culture studies for micropropagation and conservationBachaspati, GoutamGhosh, P D
20-Aug-2018Cyto morphogenetic studies in callus culture of Hordeum vulgare L and Sorghum bicolor L MoenchMohanty, Bibhu DuttaGhosh, P D
2-Aug-2018Evaluation of indigenous drought tolerant rice germplasms and sunflower hybrid by using CMS lines in line X tester designDutta, AmitavaGhosh, P D
31-Jul-2018Genetic transformation for increased abiotic stress tolerance in rice with special reference to excess saltSarangi, SusmitaGhosh, P D
1-Aug-2018In vitro morphogenesis and selection of salt NaCl tolerant variants in rice Oryza sativa LBanerjee, Ashish KumarGhosh, P D
20-Aug-2018In vivo and in vitro investigations in two species of Cymbopogon C winterianus Jowitt and C flexuosus Steud Wats with special reference to somatic embryogenesis and analysis of somaclonal variants using molecular marker RAPDDey, TulsiGhosh, P D
2-Aug-2018Induced mutation tissue culture studies for development of genetic variants in rice Oryza sativa LChaudhuri, PinakiGhosh, P D
20-Aug-2018Studies on characterization genetic variability genetic diversity and relationship of different traits on land races of rice Oryza sativa LChakravorty, AshimGhosh, P D
1-Aug-2018Survey and assessment of java citronella Cymbopogon winterianus Jowitt and tissue culture studies for conservation of germplasmSaha, HaradhanGhosh, P D
31-Jul-2018Tissue culture studies of some bulbous ornamental plantsMujib, AbdulGhosh, P D
2-Aug-2018Tissue culture study of some selected cultivars of groundnut Archis hypogea LKumar, PradeepGhosh, P D