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26-Jun-2015Studies on colorimetric estimation and fermentative purification of steviol glycosidesKaushik ramakrishnan SGautam P
3-Feb-2014Studies on embedded tamarind seed polysaccharide matricesVinod kumar K.S.Gautam P
24-Dec-2018Studies on isolation and Characterization of eps produced by Metal tolerant pseudomonas spp and Quantification of biofilm using 8 hydroxy quinoline 5 7disulphonic acidAbinaya sindu PGautam P
7-Oct-2014Studies on landscape elements in genomic dnaKarthikeyan SGautam P
10-Nov-2014Studies on Organic solvent tolerant esterase From lysinibacillus sphaericusSaminathan MGautam P
11-Feb-2015Studies on periplasmic chaperone lola and outer membrane protein lolb in escherichia coli An analysis of lipoprotein interactions leading to identification of inhibitors a molecular dynamics and in silico studyPriyadarshini MGautam P
28-Aug-2014Studies on production purification and characterization of lipase from Acinetobacter sp AU07Nandhini devi GGautam P
7-Oct-2014Studies on pseudomonas aeruginosa lipase secretion and molecular dynamics simulationSubbalakshmi latha CGautam P
3-Feb-2015Studies on rhamnolipid from pseudomonas aeruginosa and its applicationsNarayanan JGautam P
20-Jan-2015Studies on serratia marcescens lipaseNandhini AGautam P
22-Apr-2015Studies on synthesis and Characterization of gold and Semiconductor nanoparticles using Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiDivya rao MGautam P
22-Apr-2015Studies on the application of Machine learning algorithms in Computational biologyAbhilash mohanGautam P