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8-Jan-2016Abscission process in coleus Coleus blumei benth debladed petioles with special reference to ethyleneMukherjee, Asok KumarChatterjee, S K
28-Jul-2017Contributions to nonparametric testingBanerjee, TathagataChatterjee, S K
28-Jul-2017Detailed statistical inference and related problemsChattopadhyay, GaurangadebChatterjee, S K
26-Jul-2018Eco physiological studies of some commonly growing weeds in coalfields and industrial areas of Burdwan West BengalAdhikary, Himadri KumarChatterjee, S K
1-Aug-2018Leaf abscission mechanisms in cotton _Gossypium barbadense L_ and in early_late shedding jute _Corchorus olitorius L_Chatterjee, SamirChatterjee, S K
15-Jan-2018Mechanism of adventitious root formation in cuttings with special reference to its control at sub cellular levelSircar, Piyush KantiChatterjee, S K
24-Jul-2018Physiobiochemical and genetical studies on the effects of chemical mutagen in some rice varietiesChoudhuri, Subha AcharyyaChatterjee, S K
17-Jul-2018Physiological and biochemical control of adventitious root formation in hypocotyl cuttings of Phaseolas mungo L and leaf cuttings of Coleus blumei benthKushari, Debi ProsadChatterjee, S K
28-Jul-2017Response surface designes for locating the optimumMandal, Nripes KumarChatterjee, S K
24-Apr-2017Studies on growth and development of Emetine yielding Ipecac Cephaelis ipecacuanha Brot A Richard with special reference to temperature stress and pharmacognosyYonjan, BidyawatiChatterjee, S K
17-Jul-2018Studies on growth development and senescence of some essential oil yielding plants with special reference to their oil contentGhosh, MohanlalChatterjee, S K
8-Jan-2016Studies on growth development and senescence of some medicinal plants with special reference to their active principles contentNandi, RenupadaChatterjee, S K
24-Jul-2018Studies on high_temperature stress in different varieties of Oryza sativa LSarma, BandanaChatterjee, S K
4-Jun-2018Studies on Indian fire claysBanerjee, Santosh KumarChatterjee, S K
31-Dec-2015Studies on lattice imperfections in deformed metals and alloys by x_ray diffractionSen, RagasreeChatterjee, S K
22-Nov-2018Studies on salt tolerance in some varieties of rice Oryza sativa LRay, Ajit KumarChatterjee, S K
27-Dec-2017Studies on salt tolerance in some varieties of rice Oryza sativa LRay, Ajit KumarChatterjee, S K
8-Jan-2016Studies on the seasonal control of leaf abscission in Ervatamia and Coleus speciesChoudhuri, Monojit AcharyyaChatterjee, S K
10-Jul-2017Studies on tropospheric propagation at 11 GHz around CalcuttaSinha, Dilip KumarChatterjee, S K
26-Jul-2017Study of serum pseudocholinesterase behaviour in different groups of subjects with special reference to anaesthesiaDutta, Gour ChandraChatterjee, S K