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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
21-Jun-2017Biochemical studies on some aspects of mycobacteriaBasu, Subir KumarChakrabarti, Parul
25-Jul-2017Chemical and biochemical studies on marine invertebrates ecosanoids in Loligo DuvacelliT, AnoopkumarChakrabarti, Parul
10-Jul-2017Chemical and biochemical studies on penicillin and its producer organism penicillium chrysogenum and studies on halobacteriumChowdhury, Malay Kanti RayChakrabarti, Parul
21-Jun-2017Chemical and biological studies on reproductive organsMukhopadhyay, SyamaliChakrabarti, Parul
27-Jul-2017Chemical investigation on the biochemical mutants of Aspergillus speciesChattopadhyay, PanchanonChakrabarti, Parul
21-Jun-2017Effect of fatty acid supplementation on some biochemical parameters of neurospora crassaMukhopadhyay, ManuaChakrabarti, Parul
21-Jun-2017Effect of polyene antibiotic on some biochemical properties of aspergillus nigerMajumder, ChitraChakrabarti, Parul
27-Jul-2017Physico chemical studies on some fatty acid auxotrophs of neurospora crassa and saccharomyces cerevisiaeMukhopadhyay, KrishnaChakrabarti, Parul
10-Jul-2017Purification and characterization of phospholipid transfer protein from goat liverBhattacharyya, UjjwalChakrabarti, Parul
21-Jun-2017Studies on human uterine tissuesRay, SubhansuChakrabarti, Parul
21-Jun-2017Studies on lipids and lipolytic enzymes of neurospora crassaGuchhait, MrityunjayChakrabarti, Parul
21-Jun-2017Studies on phosphoglyceride hydrolysing enzymes in 1 Saccharomyces cerepisiae 2 Neurospora crassa conidiaChattopadhyay, BulbulChakrabarti, Parul
20-Jun-2017Studies on phospholipase a from neurospora crassaChakravarti, Deb NarayanChakrabarti, Parul
21-Jun-2017Studies on some biological membranesDas, ManjusriChakrabarti, Parul
21-Jun-2017Studies on some exocellular proteins of neurospora crassa and saccharomyces carevisiaeKundu, ManikuntalaChakrabarti, Parul
31-Oct-2017Studies on terpenoids and plant phenolicsSanyal, Achintya KumarChakrabarti, Parul
31-Oct-2017Studies on terpenoids and plant phenolicsSanyal, Achintya KumarChakrabarti, Parul
20-Jun-2017Synthetic and biological studies on lipidsMandal, Sukhendu BikasChakrabarti, Parul