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11-Apr-2016Design synthesis and characterisation of 2 Picolyl and methyl substituted 2 Pyridyl Chalcogen Se Te compounds and their derivativesSingh, JaspreetBhasin, K K
15-Apr-2016Design synthesis and characterisation of organochalocogen Se Te compounds and their derivativesKumar, HarishBhasin, K K
18-Apr-2016Design synthesis and characterisation of organyl chalcogenides E Se TeShivani, ShivaniBhasin, K K
21-Apr-2016Design synthesis and structural studies of novel organochalcogen compoundsNagpal, YogeshBhasin, K K
19-Apr-2016Molecular complexation of drugs with cyclodextrins and biological surfactants a thermodynamic and spectroscopic studyDham, ShilpeeBhasin, K K
15-Apr-2016Newer aspects in synthetic methodology of pyrimidyl and quinolinyl chalcogen compoundsArora, EktaBhasin, K K
21-Apr-2016Preparation and characterisation of some organoselenium and organotellurium compoundsGupta, VijayBhasin, K K
18-Apr-2016Some aspects of the Chemistry of organoselenium and organotellurium compoundsSingh, NeelamBhasin, K K
15-Apr-2016Substituted pyridyl chalcogen compounds synthesis characterization and physicochemical studiesVimal K Bhardwaj, RishuBhasin, K K
12-Apr-2016Synthesis and characterization of substituted pyridyl chalcogenides Se Te and their derivativesTrehan, VeenaBhasin, K K
21-Apr-2016Synthesis characterisation and evaluation of some organosulphur selenium and tellurium compoundsKumar, RajeevBhasin, K K