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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
25-Jul-2017Collision and capture processes of electronsBhattacharya, Debendra MadhabBasu, D
20-Jun-2017Collision of electron with atomGupta, Santi BrataBasu, D
25-Jul-2017Electron atom collisionsJha, RameshwarBasu, D
20-Jun-2017Electron capture process in ion atom and ion ion collisionsBiswas, SanghamitraBasu, D
9-Oct-2017Excitation and charge transfer processes in atomic collisionsSural, DebaprasadBasu, D
25-Jul-2017Extended source model in meson theoryKundu, Sunil KumarBasu, D
20-Jun-2017Nuclear scattering and nuclear structureGanguly, ChhayaBasu, D
20-Jun-2017Nucleon nucleus scattering and nuclear structureArundhati, GhoshBasu, D
25-Jul-2017Scattering and capture of electrons by atomic systemChatterjee, GurudasBasu, D
22-Sep-2017Scattering of electrons and positrons by different atomsSarkar, KalpanaBasu, D
12-Jul-2017Scattering of electrons by atomsBandopadhyay, Satya NarayanBasu, D