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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
21-Nov-2019Assessment of phosphatase from selected bacteria for probiotic applicationPaul, PriyodipBalaji, S
13-Feb-2017Assessment of volatile organic compounds from various chemical industries in TamilnaduBalaji, SMurugesan, A G
2-May-2017Characterization of biopolymers computational analysis and characterization of some selected proteins antifreeze proteins and various disease associated human collagen proteinsSivakumar, KBalaji, S
26-Mar-2019Development of Li2FeSiO4 C composite cathode metal alloy metal composite and ferrite based anodes for li ion batteriesT, Mani ChandranBalaji, S
1-Apr-2014Effective heuristics on graph optimization problemsBalaji, SSwaminathan, V
30-Nov-2010Ethnic conflict and terrorism in Sri Lanka: the imperatives of Indian responseBalaji, SJha, N K
10-May-2016Indian petrochemical industry structure performance anlysisBalaji, SDr Selvaraj, C
3-Aug-2018Sea Water Intrusion along East and West Coasts of South Andaman Island through Geophysical and Geochemical TechniquesIqbal, VazeemBalaji, S
27-Dec-2017Spatial modeling of ground water potential in parts of south andaman island India an integrated approach of remote sensing and geophysical techniquesShrikant MauryBalaji, S
17-Oct-2016Structure and tectonics of northern Tamil Nadu India through integrated remote sensingBalaji, SRamasamy, S M
2-May-2017Studies on cataclysms for fuel cells electrochemical investigations of novel supported and supportless metal nanostructures for oxygen reduction reactionNarayamoorthy, BBalaji, S