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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
30-Dec-2019Ahistochemical biochemical and architectural studies on the female reproductive organs of a teleost fish with reference to temperratureSingh, Narendra Pratap .Bajpai, P. K.
27-Jan-2020Breeding of major carps in carps in confined waters some new observation and a revision of prevelent methodsChaturvedi, Chandra Shekhar .Bajpai, P. K.
27-Jan-2020Comparative study of the histophysiology of gonads and certian endocrines of Clarias batrachus exposed to nickel Ni and copper Cu toxicityDubey, Narendra Kumar .Bajpai, P. K.
7-Dec-2018Discontinuity analysis for the treatment of lumped parameter chemical engineering systems for singular inputsAhuja, Sanjeev KumarBajpai, P. K.
20-Jan-2020Effect of malathion and aldrin on reproductive organs of wistar ratsSingh, Seema .Bajpai, P. K.
27-Jan-2020Evaluation of chemically induced phototoxicity using aquatic organisms as a modelMisra, Rajendra Babu .Bajpai, P. K.
27-Jan-2020Histological observation on the gastro intestinal tract of certain air breathing fishes exposed to chemical fertilizers contaminationsShukla , Rekha .Bajpai, P. K.
27-Dec-2019Histropathology of pituitary thyroid glands and gonads of clarias batrachus following acute and chronic exposure to parathion and bhcKaul, Priya .Bajpai, P. K.
26-Feb-2020Rat embryotoxicity with special reference to an organo chlorine pesticide endosulfanMisra, Katyanyini Kumar .Bajpai, P. K.
30-Dec-2019Studies on reproductive toxicology of chemical additives used in plastics industrySrivastava, Sadhna .Bajpai, P. K.
27-Jan-2020Studies on responses of pituitary thyroid and gonads of heteropneutes fossilis to copper and zincSaini, ManjulaBajpai, P. K.
24-Jan-2020Studies on the effect of cell membrane damage on animal physiologyShukla, Sanjeev .Bajpai, P. K.
24-Jan-2020Studies on the histophysiologic responses of certain endocrines of Clarias batrachus to toxicity of naphthaSharma, Sarita .Bajpai, P. K.
22-Jan-2020Studies on the probabilities of relationship of corpuscles of stannius with pituitary in an Indian freshwater fish Channa punctatus BLShukla, Jai Shanker .Bajpai, P. K.
31-Dec-2019Studies on the responses of heteropneustes fossilis to the temperature variationTiwari, Rakesh Kumar.Bajpai, P. K.