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27-Jan-2017Adsorption Characteristics of Silica Containing Mixed Oxide Gels for Chromium VI in Aqueous SolutionsVijayan Pillai RAnirudhan T S
30-Mar-2017Adsorption Characteristics of some heavy metal ions onto modified sawdust Kinetics and ThermodynamicsRaji CAnirudhan T S
27-Jan-2017Adsorptive Removal of Heavy Metals From Aqueous Solutions And Industrial Effluents By Chemically Modified Solid Surfaces Equilibrium And Kinetic ModellingAnoop Krishanan KAnirudhan T S
18-Oct-2016Design Parameters for Batch Reactors of Chemically Modified Clays for the Removal of Inorganic and Organic Pollutants from Industry EffluentsBringle C DasAnirudhan T S
30-Mar-2017Equilibrium and Kinetic Studies on Heavy Metals Removal by Functionalized Lignocellulosic Materials in Aqueous SolutionsRadhakrishnan P GAnirudhan T S
27-Jan-2017Evaluation of Chemically Modified Solid Surfaces for the Removal of Some Toxic Metal Ions from Aqueous SolutionsManju G NairAnirudhan T S
1-Sep-2017Factors Influencing the Sorption of Organics at Solid Liquid Interface Mass Transfer Process and Equilibrium StudiesVinod V PAnirudhan T S
13-Oct-2016Hydrochemical and Sorption studies in Tropical Backwater Systems vis a vis Retting PracticesMadhukumar AAnirudhan T S
30-Mar-2017Kinetic and Equilibrium Parameters for Batch Reactors of Some Novel Adsorbents for the Removal of Heavy Metals from Water and WastewaterShibi I GAnirudhan T S
27-Jan-2017Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies for the Adsorption of Some Heavy Metal Ions from Aqueous Solutions onto Modified Lignocellulosic MaterialsSreedhar M KAnirudhan T S
30-Mar-2017Kinetics and Equilibrium Studies on the Adsorption of Some Heavy Metal Ions at the Oxide Solution Interface in Systems Containing Single and Binary AdsorbentsRaina ThomasAnirudhan T S
1-Sep-2017Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Adsorption of Phenol Based Organic Pollutants on Activated Carbons and Pillared Clays from Aqueous SolutionsSumol VargheseAnirudhan T S
24-Nov-2016Mass Transfer Process and Equilibrium Modeling of Liquid Phase Adsorption of Organics and lnorganics on Modified Cellulosics Bearing Different Functional MoietiesPriya SenanAnirudhan T S
28-Sep-2017Mass Transfer Process and Equilibrium Modeling of Liquid Phase Adsorption of Some Inorganics and Organics from Industrial Effluents on Surface Modified Hydrotalcites and Polyacrylamide Bentonite CompositeSuchithra P SAnirudhan T S
8-Nov-2016Modified Carbons and Wood Dust Evaluation of Adsorption PropertiesSivanandan Achari VAnirudhan T S
2-Nov-2016Process Development for the Exchange Adsorption of Heavy Metals and Phosphate Ions from Water and Wastewaters Using Polymer Grafted Lignocellulosic Materials Kinetics and ThermodynamicsMaya R UnnithanAnirudhan T S
25-Oct-2016Process Development for the Removal of Some Inorganic and Organic Pollutants from Aqueous Solutions Using Chemically Modified Clay SorbentsManohar D MullasseryAnirudhan T S
27-Jan-2017Studies on the Influence of OrganicMaterials on the Adsorption of Some Heavy Metal Ions at Solid SurfacesBeena T AbrahamAnirudhan T S
7-Nov-2013Studies on the nutrient chemistry of a tropical estuaryAnirudhan T SNambisan, P N Krishnan
27-Jan-2017Synthesis and application of zinc nanoparticles in corrosion control methodsJabeera BAnirudhan T S