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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
21-Jun-2017A study of effect on application N P K fertilisers on the soil composition and yield of high yielding variety of wheat in West BengalBhattacharyya, Bimal KumarAdhikari, M
21-Jun-2017Application of irreversible thermodynamics in multicomponent systemBhattacharyya, SumitraAdhikari, M
10-Jul-2017Chemical synthesis of humic acids and study of their physico chemical propertiesChaudhuri, Amal Kumar RayAdhikari, M
24-Jul-2017Desalination of water with clay membranesGhosh, Susanta KumarAdhikari, M
10-Jul-2017Diffusion in solutionChattopadhyay, PrasantAdhikari, M
21-Jun-2017Economy of nitrogenous fertilizers through chemical weed control in wheat cropSingh, KuljitAdhikari, M
16-Jun-2017Effect of application of pesticides bio fertilizer and manure FYM on the availability and uptake of some mineral nutrient elements by Bengal gram Cicer arietinum LSamanta, KrishnaAdhikari, M
27-Jul-2017Effect of intensive cropping and manuring on crop field production and changes in some soil chemical propertiesMandal, Balaram ChandraAdhikari, M
20-Jun-2017Electrochemistry of membrane electrodesGhosh, DipesAdhikari, M
20-Jun-2017Electrochemistry of membrane electrodes anion activity determination in aqueous and aquo organic with resin membrane electrodesBiswas, GourgobindaAdhikari, M
20-Jun-2017Electrochemistry of membrane electrodes cationic activity measurements in aquo and aquo alcoholic media with the help of resin membrane electrodesGangopadhyay, DebabrataAdhikari, M
20-Jun-2017Electrochemistry of membrane electrodes from inorganic complexes and precipitates membranes prepared from inorganic precipitates and metal complexes singly or embedded on resins or claySen, GautamAdhikari, M
26-Jul-2017Humus metal complexesHazra, Gopal ChandraAdhikari, M
20-Jun-2017Influence of soil organic matter on the availability of some major and minor nutrients of laterite soilGupta, Samir KumarAdhikari, M
27-Jul-2017Interactions of pesticides with different soil components and soilsRay, AtasiAdhikari, M
21-Jun-2017Physico chemical studies on interaction of pesticides with soilMandal, Arup KumarAdhikari, M
10-Jul-2017Preparation and testing of composite fertilizer from hide leather wastesDastidar, Debaprasad GhoshAdhikari, M
25-Jul-2017Seasonal effects on the forms of nitrogen and sulphur along with microbial population in some selected localities of coastal saline soils of W B Sundarban regionsChakrabarti, ParthapratimAdhikari, M
26-Jul-2017Soil organic matter and its influence on the nutritional status of the soilGanguly, Tapan KumarAdhikari, M
27-Jul-2017Studies on clay humus interactionMukhopadhyay, Tarit KumarAdhikari, M