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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
21-Jun-2017D H Lawrence a basic study of his ideas with special reference to the tantric philosophy of IndiaRoy, Dipendra Chandran.d.
26-May-2017Dadudayal jiban darshan or kavyaUpadhyay, Sanknaryann.d.
11-Dec-2014Dandkarnya ka sanskrutik prustbhumi dwitiya khand prachinehas i pu 600 900 i puShukla, Heera Laln.d.
26-May-2017Dasarathi O tahar panchaliChakrabarti, Haripadan.d.
17-Dec-2015Dasmskandh in medieval gujarati litereture a comperative study Part IParikh,Kumudn.d.
17-Dec-2015Dasmskandh in medieval gujarati litereture a comperative study Part IIParikh,Kumudn.d.
23-Sep-2015Datatrey balkrushan kalelkar aek adyayan (દત્તાત્રેય બાલકૃષ્ણ કાલેલકર : એક અધ્યયન)Jayantkumar P,Pateln.d.
24-Dec-2014Dayanand balkrishna bandodkar the architect of modern goaRadhakrishanan, Nn.d.
28-Jul-2017Demographic and economic implications of populations ageing in Asia with special reference to the greying of Indian Thai and Japanese populationsChakraborti, Rajagopal Dharn.d.
15-Dec-2017Demographic and genetic correlates of population growth and viability of reintroduced tiger population in panna landscape Central IndiaSankar, Mariganka Shekharn.d.
4-Jun-2018Demonstration of the existence of precorticotropin a precursor of pituitary corticotropin Growth hormone and respiratory quotient Structure of palladiumdiamidoxime complex and estimation of palladiumDasgupta, Pramodranjann.d.
16-May-2019Description of Hind and Sind as given by Al Istakhri ibn Hauqal and Al MaqdisiJafri, S. Razian.d.
23-Jan-2019Design and performance evaluation of web data modelSanyal, Abhijitn.d.
1-Mar-2013Detection of food borne pathogens by molecular methods and use of molecular methods in foodsParekh, Tarakn.d.
18-Oct-2016Determination of bile acid in serum and bile with 3 Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and diaphorase immobilized onto alkylamine glass beadsRani, Kireethin.d.
18-Oct-2016Developing low cost slow controlled release nitrogen fertilizers as eco friendly efficient plant nutritionChourdary, Preetin.d.
15-Dec-2017Developing neural network architecture based SDI model for libraries and information centresAdhikari, Saumenn.d.
20-Jun-2017Development and standardization of an achievement test in physical ScienceDebnath, Swapnan.d.
28-Jul-2017Development of Indo Muslim culture during the Delhi Sultanate 1206 to 1556Ahmed, Aquiln.d.
20-Jun-2017Development of interests of boys of secondary schools in Calcutta West Bengal in reference to four different streams VIZ humanities Science technology and Commerce in multilateral schoolsBardhan, Asim Kumarn.d.