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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
9-Nov-2015Results concerning the exceptional values of entire and meromorphic functions and the maximum term of an entire functionSingh, S KShah, S M
30-Jan-2017Role of Indian judiciary in the development of Human right jurisprudence with reference to environmental protectionPandey, AlokSingh, S K
18-Aug-2017Role of regional rural Bank in financing to the integrated rural development programme in Palamu region of BiharKumar, AjaySingh, S K
17-Aug-2017Some estimation procedures for life time modelsSingh, Prabhat KumarSingh, S K
7-Jun-2016Studies in maonetohydrodynamicsSoundalgekar, V MSingh, S K
9-Nov-2011Studies on diversity and antimicrobial potential of endophytic fungi from some medicinal plantsGaikwad, Varsha PrakashSingh, S K
18-Aug-2017Studies on the effects of municipal wastes on some haematological parameters of a fresh water edible fish Labeo RohitaYadav, Mahendra PrasadSingh, S K
17-Aug-2017Studies on the toxicological effects of synthetic pesticides on freshwater fish Colisa FasciatusSingh, Shailendra KumarSingh, S K
22-Jun-2015Synthesis characterization and evaluation of some novel pharmaceutical excipientsJindal, Deepak KumarSingh, S K
7-Jun-2016The maximum term of an entire function and exceptional values of entire and meromorphic functionsManjanathaiah, KSingh, S K
2-Jan-2017The Memba of Arunachal Pradesh: a historical study upto 1947Chera, TamakSingh, S K
3-Nov-2017U P mein dalit rajniti 1990 2006 takOjha, Arvind KumarSingh, S K
21-Aug-2017Vaiphei phonetics phonology and morphology a descriptive studySuantak KhawlsonkimSingh, S K
6-Mar-2018Vaiphei phonetics phonology and morphology a descriptive studySuantak, KhawlsonkimSingh, S K