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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
27-Jun-2019Investigation of structural and plasmonic properties of embedded metallic nanostructures and their applicationsInwati, Gajendra KumarSingh, Man
20-Jul-2021Optoelectronics study of divalent transition metal ions doped ZnS SiO2 luminescent nanocompositeShukla, Vaishali KaushikkumarSingh, Man
25-Jan-2017Parameters of exercising administrative discretion under the H P tenancy and land reforms act 1972 _ a critical reviewSingh, ManMehta, P L
4-Jan-2016Personal and social adjustment of deaddicted chemical substance abusersBhattacharyya, AlakaSingh, Man
8-Jan-2016Personality patterns of BSF hypertensive personnelShekhawat, Hari SinghSingh, Man
16-Sep-2014Physicochemical and structural studies on newly prepared resinous materials and their effect on critical solutionsVinod KumarSingh, Man
12-Jul-2021Significance of chemically modified graphene based materials for multifaceted applicationsAvashthi, GopalSingh, Man
4-Jan-2016Stress in punjabi and assamese women in relation to marital status and employment statusGoswami, Pinky BoraSingh, Man
1-Aug-2014Studies on mustard chickpea intercroping system in relation to N and P dosesSingh, ManSingh, Harbir
8-Jan-2016Study of marital adjustment of women in relation to nature of marriage employment status and span of marriage in Assamese hindu societyBarthakur, PallaviSingh, Man
8-Jan-2016Study of personality patterns of patients suffering from psychosomatic disordersChaudhury, SuprakashSingh, Man
16-Jul-2021Synthesis and characterisation of lanthanide based nanostructures and their interaction study with protein for biochemical applicationsVashistha, NidhiSingh, Man
12-Jul-2021Synthesis and characterization of bioconjugates of aunps with globular proteins and their activities on antioxidant effect of flavonoidsSachinSingh, Man
21-Jun-2019Synthesis and physicochemical profile of transition and lanthanide nanoparticles and their transduced molecular interaction with proteinsChandra, AbhishekSingh, Man
25-Jun-2019Synthesis of amino acid functionalized magnetic nanoparticles and their application in drug deliveryPandya, Shivani RajivkumarSingh, Man
7-Jul-2021Synthesis of aromatic core based dendrimers and their applicationsMakawana, DhavalSingh, Man
12-Jul-2021Synthetic studies of 2 oxindole based heterocyclesKarpe, Sameer ArvindSingh, Man
4-Jan-2016The mizo society a study in transition since independenceSarma, Surendra NathSingh, Man
4-Jan-2016Type of residence crowding social behaviourPhookan, IndraneeSingh, Man