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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
14-Oct-2011Signatures of higher functions of brain dynamics in electroencephalogram: a nonlinear analysisRamanand, PravithaNampoori, V P N
25-Apr-2012Speech analysis using modern techniques of nonlinear dynamicsRadhakrishnan, P MNampoori, V P N
11-Jan-2016Studies on laser induced optogalvanic effect in certain gas dischargesSasi Kumar, P RNampoori, V P N
12-Jun-2014Studies on laser induced optogalvanic effect in certain gas dischargesSasi Kumar P RNampoori, V P N
23-Apr-2012Studies on laser induced photoemission Optogalvanic phenomena and nonlinear dynamics in discharge plasmaPrasad, Ajith K CNampoori, V P N
11-Nov-2010Studies on nonlinear dynamical systems in Neurophysics and AstrophysicsVarghese, LalajaNampoori, V P N
21-Aug-2014Studies on optical and X- ray emission processes in laser produced plasmaGopinath, PramodNampoori, V P N
1-Jan-2014Studies on optical attenuation in sea water using dye laser and laser propagation in a turbulent mediumReghunath A TNampoori, V P N
12-Nov-2013Studies on some nonlinear optical phenomena-optical phase conjugation and continuous wave second harmonic generationMoosad K P BNampoori, V P N
28-Dec-2012Studies on two photon absorptions in certain laser dyes using pulsed photoacoustics and fluorescence techniquesSathy PNampoori, V P N
12-Oct-2011Synthesis and laser induced studies of nanosized ZnO for photonic applicationsKrishnan, BinduNampoori, V P N