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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
27-Jan-20171752 Molecular Characterization of Insect Heat Shock ProteinsRaji RaghavanMuraleedharan D
21-Jul-2017Biochemical Characterization and Hormonal Modulation of Vitellogenic Proteins in Castor Semilooper Achaeajanata LINN Lepidoptera NoctuidaeNarayanan Nair PMuraleedharan D
27-Jul-2017Characterization and molecular cloning of bug corazonin neuropeptide geneSiny G BenjaminMuraleedharan D
27-Mar-2017Endocrines and Antihormonal Effects of Precocene II in Castor semilooper Achaea janata Linn Lepidoptera NoctuidaeAbraham VargheseMuraleedharan D
27-Mar-2017Endocrines and secretory rhythm of some carbohydrases in achoea janata LRaman Nair SMuraleedharan D
6-May-2014Environmental Impact on the Tourism Industry in KeralaBasheer AMuraleedharan D
27-Mar-2017Modulatory Role of Metabolism by Juvenile Hormone and Ecdysone in Castor Semilooper Achaeajanata Linn Lepidoptera NoctuidaeSreelekha SMuraleedharan D
24-Jul-2017Molecular Characterisation of Pheromone Biosynthesis Activating Neuropeptide PBAN in some pest insectsAjitha V SMuraleedharan D
23-Feb-2017Molecular characterization and cDNA cloning of lipophorin gene in the red cotton bug dysdercus cingulatus fabrMohan K GMuraleedharan D
21-Mar-2017Nutritional and Endocrine Interactions during Vitellogenesis in Dysdercus cingulatus FabrReema Achiamma MathewsMuraleedharan D
23-Feb-2017Partial characterization of juvenile hormone esterase in dysdercus cingulatusGayathri Elayidam UMuraleedharan D
21-Mar-2017Sources of Neuropeptides in Some Insect PestsSheela Devi DMuraleedharan D