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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
27-Feb-2013Design development and application of computer assisted pedicle screw fixationJohn, P SMenon, C S
17-Oct-2016Effects of annealing on the optical electrical and structural studies on thermal evaporated TTBPc ZnTTBPc CuTTBPc thin filmaRejitha, B RMenon, C S
4-Aug-2010Electrical optical and structural properties of some chalcopyfute thin filmsJoseph, C MMenon, C S
4-Aug-2010Electrical, optical and structural properties of the organic semiconductor thin films-PbPc, ZnPc and MgPcGopinathan, T GMenon, C S
15-Jul-2010Electrical, optical and structural properties of the Phthalocyanine Thin films-H 2 Pc,NiPc and EuPcNarayananunni, K NMenon, C S
15-Jul-2010Electrical, optical and structural studies in bismuth, antimony, bismuth oxide and antimony oxide thin filmsJayachandran, KMenon, C S
5-Mar-2013Electrical, optical and structural studies on thin films of cadmium sulphide,zinc sulphide ,manganese sulphide and on multilayer films of copper phthalocyanineVarghese, ShajiMenon, C S
25-Sep-2014Electrical, optical, structural and surface morphological studies on TTBNc, ZnTTBNc and VTTBNc thin filmsDhanya, IMenon, C S
25-Sep-2014Fabrication and characterization in organic semiconducting thin films of CIAICIPc, F16CuPc and CI16FePcKoshy, RajiMenon, C S
23-Jun-2014Fabrication and characterization studies in organic semiconductor thin films of H2PcOC8 ZnPcOC8 and CuPcOC8Vadakel, Vinu TMenon, C S
14-Jul-2010Fourth order elastic constants and the low temperature thermal expansion of some hexagonal crystalsSindhu, SMenon, C S
17-Oct-2016Higher order elastic constants and low temperature lattice expansion of CdS CdSe CdTe AIN GaN InN and SiC semiconductor crystalsSindu Jones,Menon, C S
18-Jan-2013Higher order elastic constants and low temperature thermal expansion of the cubic compoundsC60 Mn73 Pt22 and Fe72 Pt23Vinu, T PMenon, C S
3-Aug-2010Interlattice displacement, second order elastic constants, third year elastic constant and low temperature thermal expansion of some high temperature superconducting crystalsEldhose, N VMenon, C S
8-Jan-2013Investigations on the Electrical, Optical and Structural properties of Metal Phthalocyanine Thin films Mg Pc, Fe Pc and Zn PcKrishnakumar, K PMenon, C S
7-Aug-2014Non linear elasticity and lattice thermal expansion of the shape memory alloys Cu Al Ni, Cu Al Zn, Cu Al Be and Cu Al PdKuruvilla, Santosh PMenon, C S
16-Aug-2010Non-linear elastic constants and lattice thermal expansion of Zns, ZnSe, ZnTe and GaAsAnil, T VMenon, C S; Kumar, K Shreekrishna
28-Jan-2013Some physical and topological studies on phthalocyanine thin films – CuPc, CoPc and NiPcJoseph, BennyMenon, C S
25-Sep-2014Structural, electrical and nonlinear optical properties of some phthalocyanine thin filmsPanicker, Nisha SMenon, C S
7-Aug-2014Studies on electrical characteristics of phthalocyanine thin films for device applicationsVarghese, Abraham CMenon, C S