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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
28-Jul-2017A study on the acquired competencies of primary school leaving children in regard to their non scholastic abilitiesNath, Dipes ChandraBhattacharyya, N K
28-Jul-2017A study on the characteristic features of personality mental health and altruism of local recognised mountaineers and impact of mountaineering over the said three variables of the beginnersMitra, MaitreyiBhattacharyya, N K
10-Jul-2017A study on the personality disposition and attitudes towards child rearing practices of mothers with a cerebral palsied childNayak, SusamaBhattacharyya, N K
28-Jul-2017A study on the relationship between social competence and scholastic capability of secondary school students of CalcuttaUkil, SusmitaBhattacharyya, N K
12-Jul-2017An experimental study to verify the influence of Indian phytochemical drugs on learning efficiency of maze learner albino RatsRay, AparnaBhattacharyya, N K
20-Aug-2018Studies on cytogenetics induced mutation and alkaloid contant of Solanum khasianum ClarkeMajumder, Jnanendra NathBhattacharyya, N K
2-Aug-2018Studies on the cytology colchiploids and x Ray induced variations in some legumes and the effect of a few radiomimetic chemicals on plant chromosomesBiswas, Amal KrishnaBhattacharyya, N K
5-Sep-2018Studies on the effects of ethyl methane sulphonate and X ray treatment of dry seeds of linseed Linum usitatissimum LDutta, Tapas KumarBhattacharyya, N K
28-Jul-2017To diagnose vocational training possibilities of orthopaedically handicapped personsGhose, ChayanikaBhattacharyya, N K
28-Jul-2017To study rehabilitational potentialities of educable and trainable mentally retarded individualsD E, LipikaBhattacharyya, N K