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Upload DateTitleResearcherGuide(s)
4-Mar-2016Bioactivity based screening for anti diabetic properties of medicinal plants leading to identification of the active moleculesRaju, PSBalakrishnan, Arun
10-Mar-2016CDNA probe to detect the stage and site specific expression of fibroin in silkworm bombyx moriRajan, MkBalakrishnan, Arun
18-Mar-2016Cellular and molecular regulation of filarial sheath protein induced epithelial apoptosis and its relevance in tropical pulmonary eosinophiliaKrishnamoorthy, BBalakrishnan, Arun
4-Mar-2016Characterisation of filarial parasitic sheath proteins induced inflammatory response on epithelial cells in vitro VIA the activation of NF kBNarayanan, KishoreBalakrishnan, Arun
4-Mar-2016Expression of human interferon y in E coli and its purification using metal affinity chromatographyGeorge, AnnieBalakrishnan, Arun
4-Mar-2016Identification of host signalling pathways activated by outer membrane proteins of enteropathogenic E coli leading to inflammation barriers disrupation and apoptosisVasantha, MBalakrishnan, Arun
4-Mar-2016In vitro approach to delineate molecular cross talk between epithelial and monocytic cells leading to apoptosis in tropical pulmonary eosinophiliaSanker, E RaveBalakrishnan, Arun
4-Mar-2016Novel leads isolated from phyllanthus urinaria and aegle marmelos using bioactivity based in vitro screening target apoptotic cascades in cancer cell linesGiridharan, PBalakrishnan, Arun
3-Nov-2014Potential chemical scaffolds isolated from medicinal plants by bioactivity based screening act on key signalling events that exert anti inflammatory actionGayathri, BBalakrishnan, Arun